Boeing 5K (5) – 2011

May 9, 2011

A few weeks prior, I started a new contract job with SCAN.  Even though I had mentioned to my boss on a few occasions that I needed to make arrangements occasionally for runs (not specifically Boeing), it always seemed to fall on deaf ears.

A classic example was at the prior 100K race, where I wanted to leave by 2pm so I could avoid heavy traffic to Santa Barbara.  I made arrangements to come into work 2 hours early.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t given security permission to do so (boss permission, yes.  Her telling security, no.) and had to wait outside my office area until I could piggyback with another employee.  I still left early to drive up, but things kept coming up that didn’t allow me to leave until 3:30pm… and I hit all sorts of traffic.

From the get-go, this job was 100% contract, with a very limited chance for it to become full-time.  This is because it was a specific project with an end date sometime in June.  However, instead of being hired as a temp, I was hired as a Contract for the company… which meant that they wanted me to go through formal Orientation.  In terms of what I would learn at this orientation (this after I had been at the company for over a month), was totally useless.  I didn’t get any benefits, vacation, sick leave, etc., but they still wanted to lecture me on it and give a quiz.  And… of all days to have the orientation, it’s the second Monday of the month… the same day as the Boeing run.

Somewhat serendipitiously, they didn’t tell me about the orientation until Thursday prior to the meeting.  This gave me the possibility for an excuse that “a friend was coming into town on Monday, just for the day and I had made lunch plans.”  SCAN didn’t like that I had done this, but told me I could make up whatever I had missed (nothing) on my own time.  They wanted me to come another 2nd Monday, but that wasn’t going to happen.  By June, I probably wouldn’t still be working there, so why waste my time?

I was hard-pressed to get to Seal Beach fast and I couldn’t hang around at all after I finished, because even though the distance from work was relatively short, it still would take about 30 minutes round trip, plus 20-25 minutes to run, and I still needed to put my work clothes back on.

I finished in 23:41, and managed to get back to the orientation in time.  I was super-sweaty, but no one asked me if I had actually gone for a run instead of having lunch with a out-of-town friend.


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