Ekiden Relay – 2011

May 22, 2011

Back once more to Central Park in Huntington Beach for the Ekiden Relay.  An Ekiden Relay (originating in Japan) is any kind of relay where the teammates run all different distances toward a total distance.  The Snail’s Pace Ekiden Relay consists of 1-mile, 2-mile, 3-mile and 4-mile legs, and teams and distances to be run are determined by random draw.

In other words, everyone puts their name in the hat, and you don’t know your teammates or the distance you will run until your name is drawn out.

Typically, this event gets about 5-6 teams.  Sometimes it’s a struggle to get a bunch of teams; sometimes people double-up so that everyone who wants to participate can.

Today, there seems to be a bunch of people who showed up to participate from AREC, Snail’s Pace, and another local running group (I don’t know which one).  So, there are FIFTEEN teams!

As per my usual with this event, I pulled 4 miles (I have only gotten 2 miles once, and 1 mile never.  That’s fine – I like “distance.”).  When I run my leg, I walk the hills (this seems to be a habit at this point – regardless if I am running an ultra or not, I walk a lot of the hills).  I am very happy with my time – 31:38 – because it means I maintained sub-8:00/mile EVEN with walking.  My team finishes in the middle of the road – 8th.


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