Runnin’ with Dad Marathon – 2011

June 19, 2011

Decided to do another Charlie Alewine loop race on Father’s Day to Honor my father.  I fashioned a laminated photo of him to pin to my back.  Of course, people asked me when my father had died… but I tried to point out “In HONOR,” meant that he was still alive.  (In Memory is dead.)

In Honor of Richard Rahl

In Honor of Richard Rahl

The course is similar to the half marathon I did a year ago January, with a loop around the Colorado Lagoon and then out-and-back down Appian Way to the cul de sac (by the Naples Yacht Club).  A loop is 4.37 miles and we will do 6 of them.  I am joined by AREC members Laura Sohaskey and Nick Kincaid.

I am hoping to continue my good feeling from last week’s Boeing run (and shut away my bad feeling from work – things should be wrapping up but my boss is in the weeds).

My first loop takes me 35:50, or about 8:11/mile.  It feels fast-ish, but we will see how things transpire.  I would like to win this race… or at least finish in the top 3 (because the top 3 get a trophy!).

Loop 2 takes 37:11 – a drop down to 8:30/mile.  I am still in the lead, but do not have a huge lead on Nick and another runner.  I also spot Ed Ettinghausen (“Run Jester Run”) but he may be doing his own thing.

Loop 3 takes 37:52 (minimal drop), but I am going to be caught and I am not going to accelerate back into the lead.

Loop 4 takes 42:09 – a drop of another minute per mile – though my overall pace is still under 9:00/mile pace.

Loop 5 takes 45:02 – now I am over 10 minutes per mile for the loop (but still slightly under 9:00/mile).  I get passed and I drop into 3rd place.

Loop 6 is the slowest of the 6, with a 48:43, catapulting me over 9:00/mile pace for the entire race, but I finish in a time of 4:06:50, which is my fastest marathon in 8 years.  I also finish in 3rd place and get that coveted trophy.

My trophy

My trophy

One other milestone of note is that today my lifetime miles topped 20,000 miles!


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