AREC Practice Half Marathon – 2011

August 27, 2011

Truth be told, I haven’t run a lot of half marathons in the past few years.  This is my 4th half in 3 years (and previous to that, I last did a half in 2003).  It is NOT my favorite distance.  Lots of people like half marathons because it is 1-2 hours of quality exercise.  I have come to see half marathons as the most IMperfect distance, because you don’t have the endurance factor of the marathon (where you could have a legitimate reason to slow down).

Additionally, I cannot still run the times I used to, but my “bad” times may still be faster than many folks can run.  I consider this lose/lose, because I get disappointed with my time AND people find me annoying for being disappointed with my time.  With ultramarathons, just by finishing people are impressed, EVEN if you averaged 25 minutes per mile!

I wasn’t sure I was going to do this “event” again, but I figured to give it a try… and of course, woke up, not feeling great… and the weather was NOT temperate (by the end of the run, the heat hit 90 degrees!).

I did my usual ultra-strategy, which is to say I ran when I felt OK, walked all of the hills and then walked when I didn’t feel like running… and I finished close to my original half marathon time (1996) with a 2:08.


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