LB Poly Bun Run 3M XC – 2011

September 3, 2011

A bunch of us decided to do the Long Beach Polytechnical High School Bun Run 3 mile cross country race this morning.  Either because of me or mishearing the starting time, 2 others and myself showed up late and missed the all-comers race, but we said that we would run with the high schoolers.  Unfortunately, that race was the high school boys’ race.  On the one hand, I was in the back 10%… on the other hand, I was more than twice as old as the oldest runners, who haven’t had 40 years to be a little heavier, develop knee issues, etc.  (or to grow to 6’6″).

I followed the same strategy as at Sunrise in the Park… where I walked the hills (and didn’t worry about what other people were doing).  I finished in 23:05 (20 seconds faster than Sunday’s race, though a bit less hilly).


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