Carrollton Runners Prediction 5K – 2011

October 16, 2011

Had an opportunity to go visit my family in Dallas for a non-holiday weekend (good airfare).  I saw some movies, went hashing with the DUH (Dallas Urban Hash), and went to the Texas State Fair (ate a bunch of fried stuff and a cornie dog).

Of course, if there is the opportunity to run a race, then I take it.  The Carrollton Runners are one of the two groups in the Dallas area that put on low-cost, but chip-timed, races in the area… and as far as I know, only put on races, and don’t have any club runs.

Their event is in a baseball-soccer park in Carrollton, with about 50 fields.  The course is run on the road and feels harder than the regular street, but I don’t know exactly what the surface is.  Basically, it’s a 1 mile loop around the field near the start, and then a half-mile, out-and-back run to a far-flung parking lot.  At the halfway point (at the far end of the parking lot), they have a chip reader, so runners can tell how off their splits were.  The run back gets close to the finish, but runs most of the mile loop in reverse.

Since this is a prediction run, I am not allowed to wear my watch (at the occasional Boeing run that IS prediction, they don’t care, and it is possible to fudge your run to hit your time).  I usually have little clue on what time I could run, but I predict 24:35, figuring I will be right around 8:00/mile.

I feel like on the way out, I maybe went out too fast with some of the runners, so I pull back on my speed considerably on the way back.  The difference in my splits is 44 seconds (about 0:15/mile), but I finish in 24:41, so I did have an inkling… and that is good enough for 2nd place overall.

The first place runner has a choice of a $10 Subway Card or a box of chocolates.  Fortunately, for me, she takes the chocolates (I didn’t want a big box of “poison.”).

One further note is that they have a competition where for all of the prediction runs, they have donated 10 cents from every entry.  If a runner is 0.01 seconds (yep, 1/100th of a second) off, they win the pot.  No one has done it yet.  I think my prediction may have been 24:35.07… just for that chance.


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