LMJS 15K – 2011

November 27, 2011

Since the drive home is so spectacularly bad on a Sunday, I opted to stay an extra day.  Of course, that is not relevant to why I ran the Lake Merritt Joggers & Striders 4th Sunday 15K race.

I had unbelievable success the first time I ran this event – I won!  But… you can’t always determine who is going to show up (unless you are world-class… and then it doesn’t really matter).  They’ve changed the location slightly.  It meets at the Boathouse, and it used to meet near UC Headquarters.  The difference is that you have to pay for parking now… so I parked on the street and walked in, the approximate 3-tenths.

There is a little construction going on at the far end of the lake… basically leading up the the walk path to the street/bridge which parallels the Kaiser Convention Center.  The path is surrounded by fencing and is quite narrow… so you have to dodge walkers, people with dogs and bikes.

The 15K course is 3 – 5K loops.  I am still walking the hills, but try to manage the “in-betweens” a bit better.  First loop takes me 25:00, the second 27:29, and the third 26:43.

Now that I am 40, not only do I not win the race, I do not even place in my age division.  Oh, well.

It is also a bit humid (cold and wet air – but not raining), so I end up getting chafed in my armpits.  Ow.  (Can’t put duct tape there!)


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