LMJS 10K – 2012

April 22, 2012

First run post-SBER 100M attempt-slash-50M actual run.

I am up in Northern California for the Piedmont Choirs annual Gala, and before I drive back to Long Beach, I decided to get in a race… because, well, after reading 500+ odd posts, you know that I like to do smallish local races.

The Lake Merritt Joggers & Striders put on a 5K/10K/15K on every 4th Sunday of the month.  As I found out, they don’t have all three distances EVERY month (which was probably for the best).  I prefer to run the 15K (slightly unusual distance) because I don’t run a lot of them, though 15K is 3 5K loops, so it is slightly boring.  Today, I opt for the 10K, instead.

Since this is my first post-50 Mile run, period, I am a bit out of shape for ‘speed racing.’ I had a decent first half of 25 minutes.  On the second loop, I feel winded and walk quite a bit, running about a minute slower per mile, around 28 minutes.

In the past, I was able to garner an age group ribbon, but today, I am 5th in my division (freakin’ tough Masters’ group!).


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