AREC Prediction Run (5M) – 2012

June 13, 2012

Today is the AREC Prediction Run, a sort-of race where it doesn’t matter what time it takes you to cover 5M (or 3M, as some did), but rather how accurate you are in figuring out the time you think it will take and then running that time.

I decided I would still do the full 5M and try to race walk it, figuring I would do around 60 minutes (plus some additional for the bridge hills), given that I did the 5K on Monday at a similar pace (a tad bit faster, because 36:10 is for 3.1, and not 3 miles).

However, I walked a lot faster than I have previously for a 5 mile course, and finished in 57:48… probably my best for a 5M walk but not my best.


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