LA Cancer Challenge 10K – 2012

October 28, 2012

LA Cancer Challenge 10K is my 30th race of the year, and guess what number I got?  #3030!  Very weird.

Yesterday, Laura, Chuck and I did a 12-mile trail run near Azusa and it was pretty exhausting… and then afterwards, I am headed off to Long Beach Hash to do a Halloween run… so do not want to overdo it… and it’s not as if I am going to place in the top 3 in my age group anyway…

The course is two loops, starting with around a mile of up- and downhill, about a mile of flat, slightly downhill, and then a mile-plus of flat, with one quick uphill.

I did pretty well on the first mile or so.  Although I do try and avoid running hills in general, these hills aren’t horrible (after all, it is ‘just’ a 10K).  8:23.  The downhill-flat takes me 7:46, and I finish off with 9:06 for a first 5K of 25:12.

For the second half, I try and power-walk up the hill, because I am not feeling like running as hard and know I will not break 50 minutes.

The second time up the hill, I drop to a 9:26 mile, then follow that with 8:02 for the flat/downhill section, and finish off the last 1.1 in 10:55, for a net second half of 28:33.

In essence, it is a 8-minute/mile 5K followed by a 9-minute/mile 5K.  Nowadays I am good with that.


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