Boeing 5K (3) – 2013

March 11, 2013

Celebrated my 42nd birthday with my folks in the Bay Area, and I ended up with some right knee pain, mostly due to an extra long drive on Highway 101 because the Grapevine Route was closed due to snow.  The pain was significant in that I was unable to make the entire drive in one go, as I normally do, AND I was needing some recovery time after the drive (basically stretching out as much as possible).

For most people, Cruise Control is the saving grace on a long drive.  For me, it doesn’t do much except alleviate the position of my right foot only slightly.  I can’t move my right knee anywhere (though if I lean the seat WAAAAAY back, and slip my right foot UNDER the brake pedal, I can rest my knee at a different angle for a bit – but it’s dangerous, because it’s hard to get my foot back quickly in the event of needing to brake).

With all that in mind, it was time for another Boeing 5K.  Today, a prediction run.  I figured with the difficulty of my knee due to driving, I would not do as well as the last time I was able to run.  (Also, I have a bit of congestion or a cold, perhaps.)  I said around 28 minutes should be realistic, but astoundingly, I ran 25:07 (a little over 8:00/mile).


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