La Palma 4th of July 10K – 2013

July 4, 2013

Today should prove to be a hot day.  I picked up Kate Rupley and Dona McBride and carpooled to La Palma.  As usual, we got our parking spot right next to the start in the medical complex parking lot.

I don’t have high expectations today, both because it hasn’t been a lot of days since my 100 mile attempt, and because I just drove back from Northern California on Sunday and the drive doesn’t do wonders for my right knee.

Typically, those of us in the 10K hate the start, because we are about 0.15 miles back from the start and can’t hear anything.  (Star Spangled Banner, announcements, “Go,”)  Then, when we catch up with the 5K group, we have to wade through the walker crowd.  At least I get through reasonably fast.

Despite getting going with a good start, I have not “sprinted” for a while, and that caused me to go out too fast, and thus have to walk in the second half not once, but twice.

Nonetheless, I finished in 52:53, which is faster than 9:00/mile pace.  While I didn’t place in my age group (but my carpool buddies did), I did have an impressive sprint to the finish, and placed in the top 10 in my division.

Flying to the finish.

Flying to the finish.


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