Conquer the Bridge 5.3M – 2013

September 2, 2013

Back to San Pedro for the Conquer the Bridge Run. As with the Summer Nights 5K, people told me, “Listen to your Holter monitor, and don’t overdo it.”  Sure, yeah, I’ll ‘listen’ to it.

I went with my previous strategy of walking the hills and then running the rest of it as best I could, resulting in very uneven miles.

The first mile is mostly flat and next to the waterfront (and trying to avoid slower runners), so I did 7:12.  The second mile is almost entirely the ascent to the top of the bridge (and part way down the other side), and I did 13:15.

The third mile is the descent off the bridge, a nice set of flat and then the turn-around back to the base of the bridge – 7:02!

The fourth mile is the ascent up the other side of the bridge – it’s steeper and it’s also when I am more tired – 12:22.

The last 1.3 miles is the downhill on the other side, and then the same flat section along the waterfront – 6:36 (+3:23).

On the way down, because of the heat of the day, I sweated off one of my electrodes, so I had a wire hanging out.  It just means it doesn’t record anything… AND I have that greasy gel dripping onto my shorts.  When I get back to my car, I try to dry myself up, so I can reattach the same electrode that came off.  The best I can do is to tape it with duct tape to my stomach.  These stupid things are leaving marks.  I will be so happy when I finally get this off later this month.


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