Boeing 5K (10) – 2013

October 14, 2013

The last race I ran was one month ago… and it is pretty close to the last time I ran as well.

On September 19th (also my sister’s 40th birthday), I left for a few days in England with my parents and sister, Marisa.  From there, we flew to Tanzania and Kenya and went on a 12 day safari.  There was a lot of sitting, and not a lot of walking around.  (If I am running, I am running from a lion!  Though there was a “Masai Mara Marathon” the day we left.

The week AFTER I got back, I was on a screwed up sleep schedule and not doing a lot of running.  I also think that the Malarone I have to continue to take doesn’t help that much.

My body feels off from the lack of running (as usual), and it is a bit warm today (but not as muggy as Africa).  On the other hand, I am able to run the entire way!  I clock a 9:00, 7:33, and 9:06 (1.1) mile for my best showing in months.  It is NICE to have those electrodes off!

As a postscript, I got a follow-up on the month-long Holter monitor that they detected no irregular heartbeats.  I think I might have heat-related issues when trying to run faster… or I am just getting older.



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