Carrollton Runners 1M/5K – 2013

December 29, 2013

A second day of racing with the smaller clubs in Dallas (or actually, Carrollton), Texas.  This race WAS much smaller.

First, we start out with a mile, and then the 5K comes afterwards.  My concern was that I didn’t want to overdo it and not have a good 5K run, so I decided that I would race-walk and just see what I could do.  There were about 24 runners and I finished in 21st in 10:22.  If there had been age group awards, I would have won my age group (1 of 1).

For the 5K, it is basically the 1M route start and out to the far reaches of the parking lots to the turnaround.  The “chip” (RFID) timing has a monitor at the turn-around so that you can find out if you ran positive or negative splits.  I’m not sure how close my splits were because I didn’t register properly with the system.

At the awards ceremony, I was “only” 4th in my age group (no Clydesdale, again =(  ), however, they gave out some awards based upon (maybe) improvement between the mile pace and the overall pace in the 5K.  (They told me I had the best age graded course PR, but I didn’t run a course PR.  I had a better time in 2010.)  However, I will take a $10 Subway Card in a $2 race!


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