Plano Pacers Holiday Hustle 8K – 2013

December 28, 2013

Once again, I am in Dallas, TX, for Christmas with my family.  I try to make it a point to run 2-3 races while I am here… several small ones as well as the New Year’s 5M near White Rock Lake.

It is generally cold in Dallas in December (though it was warmer about a week ago), though the temperature is in the 40s (cold, but not horrible).

This Plano Pacers course (which I have done several times) is basically flat, but I am not totally back to normal.  As usual, in the weeks that followed the last 50K, I have low energy and a bit of sickness.

In the past, these races are pretty sparsely attended, but they are doing some kind of charity fundraiser for a girl who died tragically or had cancer (I’m not sure which). All I can remember was that the family name was Nichols, so they were handing out nickels.  The start was super crowded and I hung back a bit and on the few occasions that there were “hills,” I walked them (probably about 3-5 minutes of net walking time).

I ran a decent time of 40:42 for 5 miles, but there was no Clydesdale category (as there has been in the past), so I ended up in about 8th place in my age group (not like I need another medal or mini-trophy).

I visited briefly with a few “friends,” aka people that I recognize and may recognize me from past races, and then headed back to Dallas, since I have my parents’ car, and they may want it back.


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