New Year’s Day 5M – 2014

January 1, 2014

I got permission to run the New Year’s Day 5M.  I know that sounds odd, but tomorrow I have an all-day physical at the Cooper Clinic and I have to abstain from exercise for 24 hours (let’s fudge and say 21.5 hours) and fast and avoid alcohol for 12 hours.  I am excited that this race has a Clydesdale category.  I have a chance of getting an award (and they go 5 deep in Clydesdale, because it covers ALL age groups).

The course is slightly changed from the past.  Last year, when I was here, there was all sorts of construction going on.  The construction is finished, and part of the results is a nice pedestrian bridge.  Instead of running along a rather pot-holey road and a sharp turn onto the pedestrian path, there is a nice straightaway and a gentler turn.

It’s about 41 degrees out (despite the start time of 10am), which is a bit cold for me.  I take the first mile in 7:36, and the second in 7:54.

From this point to the turn-around, the wind picks up a bit.  I can start to see the runners coming back and I set my eye on various people that I think may be in my same category… and determine whether I will be able to catch them on my way back.  I slow a bit in this 3rd mile to 8:08, and further slow my pace on the fourth mile to 8:27.

I sprint in the last bit of the last mile, in a desperate attempt to break 40:00, but come up a bit short and finish in 40:08.  (It wasn’t as if I would have a PR, but it is nice to break 40 minutes).

When I looked at the results, they had placed me in the M40-44, and not in the Clydesdale (even though I registered in advance AND checked that box).  This race even has THREE different weight categories (Clydesdale 190 – 214, Rhino 215 – 239, and Hippo 240+).  Since they haven’t done the awards yet, I am able to rectify the situation, thus bumping out of first place the guy I was talking to post-race (though he did come in at least 20-30 seconds behind me).

The award, as usual, is a champagne flute with the race information etched on it.  And, as usual, we are the last ones to have our awards announced, so there are only a small handful of people to witness my “triumph.”

At my physical the following day, the physician comments that I must have done a race because the “recovery”  from an injury results show I caused some damage to my muscles (this happens every time anybody runs, and does not indicate an actual injury). Just like my dang sister, he says.  I KNEW I was as good as my sister at something!


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