AREC Prediction 5M Run – 2014

May 14, 2014

It is very hot out today, and so it is difficult to predict my run time.  I usually am pretty consistent from week to week, especially if Inger and I are running together.  We have been running 42:30 pretty consistently.

A lot of people didn’t end up showing up because the roads were closed for a few hours due to a fire on Marina Drive (and on the roof of the nearby Seaport hotel).  We did notice that the palm trees along the parking lot course were burnt in the middle of the trees… if the fronds had caught fire, I think it would have been more severe (the sparking).

I decided that I would add about 2 minutes to our usual time and guessed 44:25. My guess was pretty good and I finished with 44:54.  I would have done better if I had not slowed down towards the end, thinking that I had gone out too fast.

However, being within 29 seconds was good enough for 3rd overall, and I won a $10 certificate at Malarkey’s.


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