Naples Fun 2.2M Run – 2014

June 7, 2014

There are about a zillion races going on today… most of AREC is at the Wrigley River Run (which I have never done).  Last night, I “participated” in this event by doing the Pizza Pig Out ($5, all-you-can-eat pizza), which I’m sure is not the ideal training session prior to this race, but… whatever.

I also had a shortened week, and little long running, due to the fact that I was in Santa Barbara to help with the DRTE (now SB) 100M/K.

There doesn’t seem to be a large group here today… usually there are around 100 participants (Runners, Families, Bicyclists, Walkers with Dogs, etc.), but today, there were about 43.

I had a decent run, but could not keep pace with 4 teen/preteens nor the winner, Thomas Shadden (previous winner, who ‘filled out,’ but is still fast), probably about 21 or 22 years old.  Still, coming in 6th place overall (and being at least twice as old as anyone who beat me) is pretty satisfying.  I even beat Gary Altman, but I think he was just taking it easy.  My time is about 16 minutes… not my best, but I will continue to say that I am slightly older and more decrepit.

Afterwards, I ate my pancake breakfast with the last place finisher (and his wife) who live in the condo/apartment building on Naples Plaza (I will have to look for them one of these days.).  He is a music historian (hobby, maybe?), so it is nice to be able to talk about some of my favorite composers (Gesualdo, Monteverdi, Nyman) and have him have heard of them.

I finished off with a free massage (not that satisfying) from Naples Fitness (they were giving them away for free… but the RD was grateful for helping her compile the results).  Always a fun time.


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