Conquer the Bridge 5.3M – 2014

September 1, 2014

The last few times I have done this race, I have carpooled with Inger and/or Zack, but I think they have lost interest in doing this race.  Instead, I have been talking with Stephanie Harris and Kristen Womersley about the 3 of us carpooling together (live relatively close to each other). THAT is the plan.  Late on Sunday, though, Stephanie e-mails that she will most probably NOT be going at all because she had a golf cart incident (don’t think Stephanie won).

I drove over to Kristen’s and it was just the two of us but we found a good parking spot (and basically every carpool group from AREC was there).  I was able to pick up my bib there (despite the website saying ‘no raceday pickup’), but I also had Stephanie’s number (which she said I could use in the event that I couldn’t get my own number).  I pinned them both on my AREC jersey.

I utilized my usual ‘big hill’ strategy, which is to walk most of the hills and then run hard on the downhills and fairly fast on the flats.

The first mile takes you to the base of the bridge (which includes an on-ramp UP to this point).  I ran the entire section in 7:38. The second mile is basically the entire bridge.  I walked almost all of this uphill and then soared down the other side… in 8:56.

Mile three takes you the last downhill bit connecting the road to the bridge, a (deceptive uphill but seemingly) flat stretch to the turnaround, and back up to the same parallel spot on the road – 9:12.

Mile four is the bridge again. I walked this entire section. 78 people passed me, including Ara.  I count, because I like to see how many people I can overtake heading to the finish line.  10 minute mile.  (I catch Ara before I get off the bridge.)

The last mile is the off-ramp and the straightaway all the way to the finish.  (I caught 60 people.)  Finished strong with 8:02 for this last 1.3 miles (about 6:15).  Since the age groups are 10 years, few from our group get medals.  The strangest thing that happens is that Stephanie ‘finishes’ 5 seconds before I do, even though both bibs were pinned to my shirt.

Afterwards, about 10 of us went to this great Omelet place in San Pedro and had breakfast together.


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