Boeing 5K (12) – 2014

December 8, 2014

As a rule, I generally don’t have a good Boeing 5K the day after running any distance race, so today was no exception.  My hemorrhoid problem isn’t getting any better, but this morning I avoided having a BM and seemingly, the pain is less when I don’t have one (but of course, I will have to go at some point).

I don’t feel great, either.  (I don’t think this has anything to do with the issue or with the 50K – just feel off.)  However, today is the Annual Hall of Fame run so I want to see who joins the small group and also to continue my streak.  I know that when I have some work on Mondays, my streak will end quite abruptly, so might as well take advantage of continuing, even if it means a slow time.

There was a nice crowd (probably 4 dozen) and I got to be in the picture with the folks that ran every Boeing 5K this year (maybe 5 of us?).  The actual “run” was nothing to write home (online) about, but certainly not my worst 5K (see my post on the Boeing following Rocky Raccoon 100M) with a time of 47:52.


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