Boeing 5K (1) – 2015

January 12, 2015

The past 3 years I have done Avalon 50M.  I briefly considered doing it this year, but after frustrating e-mail correspondence where I was told of certain cutoffs (not listed on the website) and that no one would be allowed to start early.  I didn’t have confidence that I could finish in time so I didn’t bother to go.  Later, I heard that people started earlier anyway… and that if you started early, you weren’t eligible for an age group award… so nothing changed, but it was annoying that they made me feel like I shouldn’t go do their fundraising event.

So… for the first time in 3 years, I am running a competitive 5K at Boeing in January.

On the other hand, I am still dealing with my 2+ month long issue of hemorrhoids… but tomorrow I have an appointment with a colorectal surgeon and hopefully she will tell me how my issues will get better.

My problem isn’t really affecting my running.  Running helps.  Sitting doesn’t.

My first mile was 8:02 (well, 1 point something; I missed the exact mile marker).  My second mile (due to the inaccurate first mile) was 6:40.

On the third mile, I needed to walk for a little bit and Dave Parsel passed me (I can never beat this guy!), but I still finished in 24:10.  A great start for the first 5K of the year.

Postscript:  The colorectal surgeon says my hemorrhoids are gone, but I have a fissure, and it will take a while to heal. I am also going to have a colonoscopy to make sure it is not indicative of further problems.  I hope it ends sooner rather than later, because I am tired of the high fiber diet and the rear pain.


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