Summer Nights 5K – 2015

June 22, 2015

It’s been a hot week.  On Sunday, I convinced a few friends to go up and do the Strawberry Saddle/Josephine Red Box loop.  Even though we refilled our water bottles halfway through, we still ran out of water before getting back to the parking lot.  The heat has continued through Monday and Tuesday.

Today is the first of three Summer Nights 5Ks put on by Legacy Running (which used to have a store across the street from Heartwell Park where the race is staged).  I have had so-so results in the past, especially on days when it is hot.  In 2013, I was convinced that I had heart issues after I had to stop and walk in the middle of this flat (but cross country) 5K.

This series is reasonably priced, costing $20 per run or $50 for the entire series.  (I received a free entry for today, so in essence, my entire series is $40.)  The price includes a random drawing and a plate of 2 soft tacos, beans and rice (made onsite).

The series tends to draw a large number of high school runners, so it ends up being like a lot of the 5Ks where inexperienced runners go out too fast and the rest of us have to dodge them until they tire out.  A large portion of the first mile is on a paved path, and I have to dodge both the newbies and low-hanging branches trying to take my eye out.  Fortunately, none of the newbie runners are tall enough to poke me in the eye.

My first mile is 6:55 (might have been a bit short), and as it warms up, I do slow down considerably… but I do not have to stop.  Mile 2 is 8:07, and Mile 3 (+0.1) is 8:46 for a total of 23:50.  I am pretty happy since anything under 24:48 (8:00/mile) is good nowadays and this was a cross-country run.


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