Boeing 5K (7) – 2015

July 13, 2015

A couple of weeks passed in between races.  Last weekend, I volunteered ALL weekend at the Santa Barbara 100 (mile AND kilometer).  I would like to attempt this event again, but feel like I would need an earlier start in order to complete it under the time limit.

It was a really exhausting weekend.  I arrived at about 2pm on Friday, checked runners in (including Dean Karnazes, Errol “Rocket” Jones, April Thorp, and Twin Peaks 50M winner Aaron Flynn).  The 100 milers were off at 6PM.  I managed to get into “bed” (aka sleeping bag in my car) at 11pm, so I could get up again at 5am to check in runners for the 100K (off at 7AM) and then also deal with the 10 mile race that benefited the Los Padres National Forest.

Aside from a trip into town with the race director’s wife, Linda, I helped man the finish line from the start of the 100K finishers (Top 2 finished within a few minutes of one another.) until almost 2am (when I was pretty exhausted).  I woke up just in time to witness the cut-off of the race, help pack up, and then drive back to Long Beach.

Volunteering is a great way to give back to the sport of running, especially in the ultra-arena, since, with few exceptions, runners are extremely grateful to you, when they are their most vulnerable.  I know I appreciated the upbeat nature of volunteers, both mid-course in the early a.m. and at the finish line, when I can barely move.

However, today, at Boeing, there is a very small crowd… maybe folks are not running very well in this hot summer. I can manage, but I need to be a bit conservative, so as not to repeat my racing heart-rate issues from a couple of years ago.

On the outbound course, it was very windy (which usually means hot on the way back).  I managed 11:34 (slightly sub-8:00 pace).  As expected, HOT on the way back (though technically, it also means wind at my back).  I managed 11:28 – that’s right, negative splits.

Today, my time was good enough for 3rd overall and my second-fastest 5K of the year.


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