Summer Nights 5K (3) – 2015

August 18, 2015

Angela Holder and I have begun training for Twin Peaks 50M, doing loops on an extremely challenging trail (most of it is 10-15% grade AND technical).

My knees are bugging me a little today, but at least it is just moderately deep grass and a little bit of pavement.

Still, I want to have a good finish, with my goal being under 24:48, which is sub-8:00/mile.

My first mile (as always in this race, dominated by high schoolers, I am swept along to a faster pace) is 7:32.

This also gets me separated from the pack and a bit less crowded.

My second mile is a tad bit slower, but still sub-8:00 (7:51).

The final mile (or final 1.1) is 8:31, for a grand total of 24:00, so I did hit my goal.

Afterwards, I drove home and then walked to and from the Marina Pacifica AMC to see Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation for a matinee price.


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