Bimbo Global Energy 10K – 2015

September 27, 2015

This inaugural event offered a great deal – $6 to register and included a technical t-shirt (and a sandwich).

Because the run was in downtown Long Beach, I figured parking would be a mess, and decided I would just walk from my house and walk back (and get in a little reading, too).  I knew that would affect my time a little bit, because it is a 4-mile walk each way.

It was a warm day and pretty crowded.  I did my best to get up near the front just to avoid the bulk of the crowds.

There were two races, a 10K and a 3K (untimed, and no awards).  The 10K headed off in the direction of the Yardhouse and the 3K headed in the opposite direction, but started about 10 minutes later.  (This would create total havoc.)

We ran through the parking lot towards the Yardhouse and then did a loop on the boardwalk/parking lot loop.  Because I got a good jump, it was a little less crowded here, though you could see how crowded it was going to get for those behind us.

They marked the miles on the course in an odd manner – by how many miles (and also kilometers) left to go… so I can’t tell you my first mile time, only my first 1.2 mile time – 9:04 (which translates to 7:30, evidence of a fast start).

Just after we passed back by the start, we encountered the behemoth that was the 3K group.  They were mostly walking and filled the entire pedestrian path.  I opted to run along the bike path (to the great ire of cyclists – did you not see the crowds?) until I passed the 3K turnaround and then I basically had the pedestrian path to myself.

My second and third miles were in the 8:30 range and then I got overheated and ended up walking a goodly portion of each of the last 3 miles.  Fortunately, the majority of the 3K runners were done by the time I finished.

I would have loved to run at an 8:00 pace, but due to the heat, the warm-up, and running with a book and t-shirt in a bag on my back, I was happy with my 55:39 time.

After the race, I looked around (in vain) for my sandwich, but got a number of Bimbo products and a bunch of cans of coconut water.

Of note was the overall winner’s prize – a free entry to any of next year’s races (apparently held simultaneously).  With few exceptions, all were held in Spanish-speaking cities, and included Santiago, Chile; Madrid, Spain; Asuncion, Paraguay; and Beijing, China.  Airfare and hotel room included.  I wonder which event the winner chose.

After the race, I walked back home and was pretty tired… after all, I did a little over 14 miles!


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