Golden West College 5K – 2015

September 25, 2015

This is sort of an unusual race, in that it is essentially a coaches race that takes place before the Junior College events.  It is sparsely attended (because it is on a Friday morning) and most of the coaches are assistant coaches or friends of kids on the team or team members not competing officially.  Pretty much it makes me the oldest person in the race.

Last year, I had a bit of a disaster and tripped on the small paved portion of the course and went headfirst into the dirt, heavily skinning my right knee and elbow.

This year, I have the added issue of my ankle, and my attempt to avoid respraining it.

They changed the course from last year (due to some construction going on at HB Central Park).  Since I am at least 10 years older than the oldest person (one of the older coaches), I don’t have anyone to follow, so I wasn’t completely sure that I did the entire course since I finished so far back from everyone else.

I had to walk the hills (sucking wind) and of course, got cheered on by the JC athletes who were warming up on the course.  I know they are trying to be encouraging, but “C’mon, Sir, you can do it,” doesn’t work for me anymore.  Do I really look that bad?

I was happy to finish this hilly course in 27:35, and the actual highlight of the day was a conversation with a gal on one of the teams (and her parents) who was running her first race after being in a car accident.  We compared notes and I was encouraging (not in the “C’mon, you can do it,” vein, but “You never really get over it, but you can get back to the shape you were in.”).


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