Boeing 5K (11) – 2015

November 9, 2015

Today did not start out great.  My stomach hurts.  I do not know whether I ate something that disagrees with me or I am having a repeat of my gastrointestinal distress that persisted for most of last year.  I think I will just put it down to a bad morning.

Today’s Boeing 5K is a prediction run and even though I feel a little off, I always feel like I should be able to run around 8:00/mile, or a little under, as my 24:47 would indicate.  (3.1 x 8 = 24.8 = 24:48)

Besides my stomach distress, I am having some “breathing distress.”  This is not to say that I am having trouble breathing, in general, but more of the ilk that I am maybe running out of my comfort zone.

On the one hand, you don’t want to run beyond your capabilities, but on the other hand, you want to push yourself a little bit, too.  Mile 1, despite this, is pretty close to my predicted pace, 7:55.

The Boeing prediction runs are funny, because they don’t stop you from wearing your watch.  I suppose if you predict a time well above what you are capable of, you could run a decent time and then hang around near the finish and hit it pretty close on, whereas I usually try to predict what I think my maximum effort (for that day) is and predict that time (and hopefully come close).

My halfway time should be 12:23 or so, and I come through in 12:19.  Whoo hoo!  That gives me 6-7 seconds leeway for the return trip.  (Joking.  6-7 seconds is within the margin of error.)

I do struggle slightly on the way back, running a 12:38, and finishing in 24:57.  Still, any time I can do around 8:00/mile (nowadays), I am pretty satisfied.


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