Stars & Stripes 15K – 2012

July 4, 2012

The past several years I did the La Palma 4th of July run, but Mark Vishnevsky invited me and Inger (and Zack) to run his race instead (and gave us a comped entry!).  This is the best deal, because I could walk/jog down to the race (a couple of miles), do the race and return back the same way.

Even though my 33M race is now 3 weeks ago, the stress and strain of doing so many consecutive ultras is wearing on me a bit.  The trick is not to overdo it.

Since Mark’s courses are generally loop courses, we have the option of doing 3-5Ks OR a 5K and 10K (in whichever order).  I opted to do the 5K first and then the 10K, figuring that everyone else would do the opposite and then I wouldn’t overdo my pace.  (It makes more sense to do the 10K first, because it is less difficult psychologically to run a shorter loop the second time around – but I always take ‘the road less traveled.’)

The first 5K loop took me about 26 minutes, and then the 2nd loop (10K) took 56 minutes – and I certainly had to walk… but I didn’t have a lot of my competitors commenting on it, because they had already done the 10K loop!

I ended up finishing in 5th, about 3 minutes behind Inger.  The ironic situation here is that I was the first overall MALE finisher (perhaps the ONLY male finisher), so despite running about 13 minutes slower than my personal best at this distance, I WON the race!


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