Boeing 5K (5) – 2016

May 9, 2016

It’s been almost two weeks since I got my cast off and I have been doing some moderate running.  For the first week or so, I had to force my arm into a higher swinging position, because otherwise, it just hangs there limp.  I can’t really swing it, and I’m still not supposed to lift anything with it (let it heal, in other words).

However, I AM able to run decently well, because my legs were not injured in the accident, it’s just a matter of how much additional velocity I can get if I can’t really swing my arms.

Today at Boeing, I get SOME quizzical looks because it was only 4 weeks ago that I came straight from the hospital to “run.”

It goes OK.  As I said above, my arm swinging isn’t that great, so my momentum is stilled a bit, but I still manage to get to the turn-around in 12:34.

I end up negative splitting slightly (12:19) on the way back, but the most frustrating part is when someone passes me near the end and I cannot do anything about it, because I can’t use my pendulum arm swing to slingshot past the person, but hey, eight-minute miles are awesome after having surgery a month ago.


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