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Boeing 5K (3) – 2017

April 10, 2017

Making some decisions this week on which ultramarathon to do next.  Wanted to run the Wild Wild West 50M last year (before I fractured my elbow), and thinking about doing the 50K this year.

Also getting ready to put on a hash on Thursday with Zack and Inger so I have had a little extra running this past week.

Definitely haven’t been sleeping well lately, mostly due to a sore stomach, some blockage, and some gained weight (don’t feel like I’m eating more, but have gained weight – think it might be reduced metabolism).

Had a decent first half in 12:24, but had to walk a bit on the way back (about 2 minutes) and finished in 26:16.

Boeing 5K (2) – 2017

March 13, 2017

Way Too Cool 50K was just over a week ago, so I haven’t run much in the interim.  My knees feel creaky today because yesterday at the hash I banged them trying to get out of a manhole cover.

Strangely though, I feel OK.  Ran 12:20 outbound (into the wind) and 11:59 coming back.  Pretty happy with that time (slightly faster than last month).