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Browne-Rice Kayak-Run Relay – 2017

July 15, 2017

Browne-Rice is back… under new management.  Of course, Browne and Rice are still around, but TRH is going through the motions of taking some responsibilities from Paul and Bob in the event they are incapacitated (or not around).

Since January, I have become closer friends with Alan Sheppard (not the astronaut, but his head is definitely in the clouds).  I stayed with his family when I did Avalon 50M, he came to Hashtravaganza, and he is a good guy to talk with (has good ideas and also listens).  Since he always seems to want to try new things, I thought him the perfect partner for this event.  Who knows how he will do with kayaking?  (Will he wear shoes in the boat?)

In the morning, I walked down to the start (off of Ocean Blvd, the usual spot) and met up with the usual crowd.  This event always “sells out,” and it always has plenty of open spots for participants who missed out originally (because of no shows).

I always insist on kayaking first because I know I will be useless after running.  I did kayak second once and hated it.  Plus as the senior member of our team, I should get first choice.

I did my usual back-of-pack demonstration with the kayaking, but I did manage to beat a couple of old ladies and corpses.

Alan took off on the run, giving me just enough time to rinse off my feet and put my shoes on without getting too much sand into my shoes.  (and I cheered him on from the street)

I was definitely the slower half of our team, but I did manage 25:16 for the 5K (which is around the same exact time I ran for Boeing last week which doesn’t run on the sand or in sandy shoes).

We finished in the top ten (of 22) and had a good time doing it.

I hung around for quite some time afterwards (not just drinking the beers) as Alan’s whole family came to enjoy a day at the beach.  I had sort of met his wife and kids before at a distance, but got to know both his boys a lot better.  They are super-cute and kinda look like him (bald and quirky).  Looking forward to doing some more events with Alan.  Seems like we have similar mindsets.

Boeing 5K (6) – 2017

July 10, 2017

This is turning out to be a hot summer.

Spent part of my weekend volunteering at the Mt. Disappointment 50K.  Alan Sheppard was running it so I carpooled with him and had him drop me off at the base of Josephine.  I ended up caravan-ing up to the Josephine Aid Station and working there.  Met some really great people including the Aid Station captain, Deb Jorgensen (IT professional with the Dodgers) who really had a good set-up – ice, ice crushers, fake grass, lots of chairs, avocado, potato, pickle juice – really anything anyone could want.

When Alan came through, he looked like death warmed over (later, said he wanted to quit, but our good attitude got him through).  Not sure how hot it was at that point, but when Alan dropped me off at 5:30am, it was 85 degrees out!

After the last person went through, we just had to wait for word of the sweep getting into radio range to Red Box Aid Station.  We waited for a really long time and even the Search and Rescue people abandoned us.  Apparently the sweep got into difficulty and it took him over 3 hours to do 8 miles!

When I finally was dropped at Mt. Wilson around 3:45pm, I was certain Alan had finished, but couldn’t find him anywhere.  Thought he might have left (oh, no!) but then I noticed his truck was still there (maybe he got a ride with someone else… no, wait, that doesn’t make sense – heat was getting to me).

See, I had asked when I got in whether his number had come in, and they had said, “Yes,” but I said the wrong number.  Oops.  He hadn’t come in yet.  He was still struggling up the last stretch of Westfork Trail (2,500′ gain in 5 miles), so I did get to see him finish (and be really pissed about his time).  We watched some other finishes and then it was time to head down.

I was so tired on Sunday that I literally slept for 10 hours… so that was the situation going into the 5K today.

12:48 going out and 12:24 coming back (and I even walked a little bit).  Just a tad over 8:00/mile pace.

La Palma 10K – 2017

July 4, 2017

Usually carpool with Dona McBride for this race, but she had already committed to go with someone else (though later, I saw her there and she had gone stag).  But, I just drove myself and parked in the usual spot behind the medical center and right next to the Community Park where the run starts.

I had registered several months ago for something like $30 including shirt and pancake breakfast (better than in person and paying twice that).  This is at least my 10th time running this race.  Don’t love the course but it’s a good smallish local race.

My knee has been bugging me for a while and it didn’t help that a few weeks ago two large bull mastiffs crashed into my legs when I wasn’t paying attention.  I am still running fairly stiffly to ameliorate the issue.

It also doesn’t help that there is no marine layer today and it is starting out HOT!  I don’t like running when it’s particularly hot; I just don’t.

I have on my AREC tank top and I am soaked through fairly quickly.  I take it easy (for me) and do 25:30 (or so) for the first 5K.  (The “or so” is due to the fact that we start 0.15 miles behind the 5K and don’t know precisely where the 5K mark is for the 10Kers.)

I definitely slow down on the second loop, walk just a little to feel better, but I still manage 27:05.  I wanted to be under 8:00/mile pace, but given my circumstances, I am well satisfied with that result.  Even better, I placed in 2nd my division, so I have a nice medal to show for my efforts.

Talked for a bit with a new AREC guy, Ray Hernandez.  He ran the 5K and is training for the Long Beach Half Marathon.  Hope he has some success (getting over a divorce after a long marriage).

AREC Prediction 5M – 2017

June 21, 2017

Just the regular fun run, except you can’t wear your watch (Boeing occasionally does these, but we just look at our watches and decide whether we are going to hit a good time or just run whatever).  Inger and I had done a practice last week to see what our actual time would be.

However, it is really hot out this week, so both of us do a prediction that is substantially (meaning 45 seconds to a minute) more than what we did last week.

And holy smokes, guess what?  I ran 21 seconds FASTER than last week, so I was WAAAY off.

Boeing 5K (5) – 2017

June 12, 2017

Yesterday I ran all around Chavez Ravine and tweaked my right knee a little bit, so today I am seeing if I should take it easier.

I ended up running fairly stiffly to favor my knee a bit and did a 12:10 outbound, and returned in 12:14.  (Total 24:24)

Even though I finished in sub-8:00 pace, my knee still feels a bit off.  Just need to nurse it a bit and not overdo things.