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Boeing 5K (8) – 2018

September 10, 2018

Today is Boeing consecutively run 5K #121 and the record!

Last month, I casually joked that only hospitalization would stop me from doing the run.  Famously, as you may know, I once came directly from being released from the hospital to continue my streak.

Well, three weeks ago, I stumbled on a sprinkler head and fell face-first into the sidewalk, ripping my lip, banging my teeth (no structural damage there) and fracturing my wrist.  Not hospitalization, per se, but pretty major.

I have been having trouble running regularly because the cast is heavy and I did bang up my sides in the fall as well, and running just makes it sort of worse.

The whole idea is to finish so I conservatively did 15 minutes out (about 2/3 speed) and 14:39 back (just under 30 minutes), and you know what?  I felt okay.

Hopefully, I am getting the cast off next week.

Boeing 5K (7) – 2018

August 13, 2018

After Skyline 50K, my sore knee (and hip, a bit) are still persistently sore.  (Hope this goes away soon.)  I managed 25:55 (11:45 out and 14:10 back – walked 5 separate times).

The more interesting thing about today is that it is my 120th Boeing 5K in a row (if there weren’t cancellations due to rain, this would be 10 consecutive years, every month), which ties the record held by Peter Lew (who encouraged me to go for it when I reached 100 over 2 years ago).  Next month, barring hospitalization, I will break the record!

Skyline 50K – 2018

August 5, 2018

Leading up to Skyline 50K, I have been having trouble sleeping, sore back, sore knees, and feel that I am not ready for the race. (A note in my running log says that a previous occurrence of this set of feelings lasted a good four to six weeks before resolving itself (through more rest or what?).)

My goals for the weeks leading into the race were “less intensity runs on my knees,” “get more sleep,” and “try to make it through Skyline in one piece!”

I drove up Friday morning so that my sister and I could attend the opening night performance of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at Woodminster.  It was a better show than last year (average singing of South Pacific) and it was all we could do to not sing along because we used to listen to the Broadway recording tape in the car over and over and over again.

On Saturday, I took a nap, ate my favorite (Tao Yuen) dim sum, and saw Christopher Robin (wondering when MoviePass is going out of business so taking advantage).

My plan is to get up earlier Sunday so that I can avail myself of the early start, and have that extra hour to make it through the event.

There are a dozen or so of us making the early start.  I think if you are a first-time ultra runner and tend on the slower side, you should definitely take advantage of any early start you can get.  The extra benefit is that while people will be passing you, it isn’t like you get passed by everyone from the get-go and then are by yourself for the majority of the race… you never quite work your way that far back (unless you don’t finish).

The course is just about the same as last year, up by the suspension bridge (but not over, boo!), up Marciel Road, down by the golf course, and then working over to the Stream Trail and up to Skyline Gate.

This “new” course has the turnaround closer to halfway (usually Skyline Gate is about 14 miles in with a longer (17) return), so while I’m used to having up to 4 hours to get here, the new standard is 4.5 hours for 16.1 miles (with a shorter return).  I make it here in 3:43, so plenty of time.

I am also gratified to see that Myrrh is here to join me for part of the run (or walk as I am eating and talking).  Myrrh consistently does some of this trail for a nice hike (I have done it with her, too.) so she knows where to step and not stumble.  It’s nice to have a “pacer” for a mile or so, before I turn off onto the French Trail.

From French Trail to all but the last 3 miles or so, is the section where I always seem to lose a lot of time and get bogged down, where I stumble and stub my toes, where I see few people (except those itching to get past me because I started an hour before them).  The one good thing about this is my language is quite colorful, at its tamest asking for certain rocks to be smote by lightning!

At just about the last aid station, I ended up getting into a conversation with someone moving at a similar pace to me.  Her name is Amanda Ferguson, 40, and she attended Miramonte High School (which is or was in my school’s athletic division), so we have a nice talk through to almost the end of the race.  (If you look at the results, she did beat me by 1 hour, 4 minutes, cuz she started at the regular time.)

If you follow my results, you’ll notice that my time got slower from last year, but given how my knees and back have felt the past month or so, I am happy with 7:48.

The extra cool thing about this race was that some of us had chatted with the RD several months back when he had proposed maybe getting a medal for finishers (even though Skyline has never given out a medal) and many of us suggested something for multiple finishers.

So, they are still working on the higher quantities, but anyone with 5 finishes got a nice stacked “wood-le” (a medal but made of wood) with a promise to get whatever higher amount at the Christmas award ceremony (or next year, when I come back).  Today was my 11th Skyline 50K, and I also met Joe Swenson who was finishing his 19th Skyline today.

Boeing 5K (6) – 2018

July 16, 2018

Today’s Boeing is on the third Monday this month.  Sometimes this happens due to road resurfacing, raining, or in today’s case, the rec center facility which times us was closed last week and forced us to push it up one week to today.

My knee doesn’t feel great today and my shoulders are still achy from the intense-ish paddling at the Browne Rice Kayak Relay a few days ago.

I started out slowly and today was a day where the wind was in my face first and warm on the way back.

Historically, the Kayak 5K is about 5 days AFTER Boeing, so it’s probably not fair to compare times, which are usually slightly faster for Boeing (no sand).  Despite the date change, my time ends up being about a minute faster, with a nice 24 second negative split on the return and a sub 8:00/mile average.

Browne-Rice Kayak-Run Relay – 2018

July 14, 2018

Alan and I are teammates once again this year for the Kayak-Run Relay.  I know it’s fun for him (even though I am basically his kayak-run relay ball-and-chain).

As per my usual, I jogged down (and eventually back) from the start/finish line along the Peninsula.  Also, as per my usual, did not bring a shoulder cover (cuz I usually wear a tank top) and got a significant sunburn.

Nothing significant to report about the race this year, only that my times are getting slower (on both kayak and run alike), but I can still be easily satisfied running 25 and change for the 5K, given that several tenths of it are on not the hardest packed sand.