Boeing 5K (3) – 2019

April 8, 2019

Marisa and I are headed off to Asia tomorrow (somewhat planned the trip around the Boeing run).  On Saturday, I did one final hash run and something weird happened… I slipped on a downhill section and while I didn’t fall, I felt a strong pull on a muscle behind my left leg.  I think the shock of it made my blood pressure drop because I got super dizzy and could not stand up for about 20 minutes (people stayed with me and got me water and helped me get back to the start).

Yesterday, I went early to Kaiser Urgent Care and they determined that I may have pulled, strained, sprained, or tore a muscle in my leg, but that I didn’t break anything… so they gave me a knee brace, even though I didn’t do anything to my knee, but it gives me support at the spot of soreness, so I will use it as a crutch until I feel totally comfortable without it.

This month, I get to run with the group (albeit slowly with the brace).  I finished in 38:39 which was a combination of jogging and running.

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