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Boeing 5K (1) – 2017

February 13, 2017

No, that is not a typo.  The first Boeing 5K of the year is in February (and no, my consecutive streak did not end… yet).  Last month, the run should have been the Monday after Avalon 50M, but because of the rain, the race was canceled (often postponed, rarely canceled).

I haven’t slept well for the past few nights because the back-up battery for my internet access is going dead and I am awaiting receipt of the new battery, so… it beeps every 15 minutes (even muted through a pillow).  I guess I could just pull it out, but feel like I need the back-up just in case (I probably should have disconnected it, though.).

My left knee also feels a bit tweaky at the start, so I didn’t go out too hard, so I don’t hurt myself.  Usually, I feel a bit off for a couple of weeks post-50M, but I have felt particularly extra off even a month-plus after the fact.

Despite my gripes, I get to the turn-around in 12:02 (which is slightly sub-8:00/mile pace).

On the way back, I walked, briefly, a couple of times, but still managed to come in at 24:48 (8:00/mile on the nose).

New Year’s Eve (ABW) 5K – 2016

December 31, 2016

Got back a couple of days ago from Christmas in Costa Rica with the family.  Didn’t really do any runs at all, but did walk quite a bit.

For the first time in a while, I am in Southern California for New Year’s, so I decided to walk down and visit Mark and Michelle and some other folks that are running a NYE run today.

It was a bit windy and I am not back yet to normal (though Avalon 50M looms).  My three miles are 8:45, 9:53 (1.1), and 7:36.  This is still good enough to win my age group, but I think the fast guys are not running the 5K race today.

Boeing 5K (12) – 2016

December 12, 2016

My last Boeing 5K of 2016 (another 18 months and I would tie the consecutive record).

My right calf feels really tight and I don’t want to push it.

I took it really easy and was 12:22 out, but on the way back the tailwind blew me to a negative split of almost a minute and I finished once again under 24:00 in 23:53.

Piedmont Turkey Trot 5K – 2016

November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year, I’m back in my hometown of Piedmont.  (Last year we were in Hong Kong.)

I seem to remember from years past that we would park in the lot by the park, but we end up parking about 5 blocks away near the terminus of Highland Avenue.

Riva is hurting a little so she says that there is a possibility that I will finish ahead of her.  (Yeah, like that will happen.)

My goal at this race is to try not to walk the hills (though it is a big temptation because there are so many).

I did situate myself at the front so that I wouldn’t get caught up in the slow crowd, and maybe the surge will take me along to the downhill at the far end of Highland and give me the impetus to climb up Wildwood (where I always tend to walk).  Mile 1 – 7:36.  (I am running UP Wildwood.)

From Mile 1 to Mile 2, there are a number of hills and I couldn’t quite not walk all of them.  I gave myself permission to walk up St. James to Hampton, and to walk a portion of the Seaview incline, but I still managed 9:22 (which is really good for walking hills).

Mile 3 to the end is mostly downhill (with a little dipsy-doodle towards the end) so I pushed the best I could, managing a 7:22 final mile, with a 47 second last tenth (about 7:50/mile).

My 24:59 was almost a minute ahead of Riva’s time.  (She still did well considering that she wasn’t anywhere near 100%.)

Dad was 2nd in his age group (out of 5 80 year-olds) but the rest of us didn’t factor into the results at all.  I was 238th overall and 29th in my age group, but consider that there were over 2,600 runners, so I’m good with the top 10%.

Boeing 5K (11) – 2016

November 14, 2016

Had a couple of long trail runs over the weekend, so I didn’t know how I would feel at Boeing today.

It was really windy and Nina was behind me for the first half (drafting off me, tricky).  But strangely enough, I felt pretty good, running 11:51.

On the way back, it felt hot (because there was no breeze in the face, but a tailwind instead), but I still managed to come in 11:56 on the return (pretty close to even splits).

With 23:47, and coming in 4th overall, I think I had a good run!

LA Cancer Challenge 5K/10K – 2016

October 30, 2016

Different location (again!) for the Cancer Challenge.  Ironically, we are back to the location we started at in the mid-00s, UCLA.  For several years, the run had been on the property of the LA VA and last year, last minute, they decided that we could not run there and so did a random street location in Woodland Hills.

Despite being back to their roots, the parking situation is kind of a mess.  Decided to pay for parking (or my carpool pal did), but we kept getting directed to lots that weren’t open and then once we were parked, it was not particularly close to the check in or the start.

The conditions are very overcast and very muggy.  It looks like it’s going to rain.  Yuck.  10K is first and it starts on the intramural (artificial turf) field.  During the warm-up session (the ridiculous jumping jacks and other work-out stuff that some of these races provide), it does start to rain and there is some concern that the AstroTurf will be difficult to run on (i.e. slippery).  There is also some concern (for me) about the hilliness, speed bumps, etc.

The race starts and it’s a mad dash across the slippery turf, and then immediately uphill out of the field area and onto the street, a little bit of downhill and speed bumps galore.  The speed of the initial dash takes me through Mile 1 in 8:18 and 7:45, respectively.

Next is a steady climb up a hill, and then a dash back down the hill back into the general area that we started in, an out-and-back along the quad and then up a rather steep hill, some flat, and then down to the finish line (except we do the loop twice).  My 5K split is 25:05, and now I have to go through the circuit again.

The second go-round of the first mile is 150 seconds slower, mostly because I am walking the uphill sections.  But my second time on Mile 2 is 20 seconds faster because I ran a little harder on the downhill.

The last time (or 1.1) is about 45 seconds slower for a net time of 54:16… but I need to circle back around (since the start and finish are in different areas) and get ready for the 5K run.

It’s already raining on the field and several people are debating whether they will run or not.  (Might as well… you already paid for parking, the race, etc.  At the very least, you should walk it!)  Maybe everyone in my age group will opt out (usually not in a 5K though).

My goal is to do better than I have in the past, which is sort of a don’t walk/speed-walk goal.  I used to be able to do a back-to-back 7:00/mile 5K/10K, but I don’t have that speed anymore.

The ground is a bit wetter than before and there are loads more people.  First mile, 9:38, is in between what I ran for the first and fourth miles of the 10K.

Second mile is in the mid-8s and the last mile in 9:38 which is pretty similar to the first and second times, but not bad for a steep hill AND being at Mile 9 of two “sprint” races.

Alas, the drop-out rate was not even strong enough for me to place in the Top 10 of my division (much less top 3).  A good run for a worthy cause and an extra mile or so trying to find where the car was parked.

Spooky Dash 5K (ABW) – 2016

October 29, 2016

Decided to walk down to visit with Mark and Michelle (A Better World Running) who were putting on a 5K/10K on the beach bike path.  I tried to time it so that I arrived after the start of the races, but ended up arriving probably 10 minutes before the start of the races.  Michelle asked if I wanted to run, and since it’s been 2 weeks since Twin Peaks, I feel like I can test to see where I am at in recovery/restart.

The race is just a straight out-and-back on the Long Beach bike path, and with many of their races (especially the bigger ones), you need to go out hard, otherwise you get stuck in the pack and not able to run the pace you want.

I tried not to go out too hard, however, and managed a respectable 13:00 outbound.  Hard to tell if I am in the top group because there are people turning around who could be in the 5K or the 10K or 100 miler.

Coming back, I tried to do equally as well, though it did feel a lot harder coming back, for some reason.  Maybe because it’s the first “sprint” race since my ultra.  12:50 on the return trip for a net time of 25:50.  Not too bad.