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Boeing 5K (1) – 2018

February 12, 2018

First Boeing 5K of the year (due to January getting rained out).  I guess Mother Nature is trying to postpone the inevitable tying (and/or beating) of Peter Lew’s record of 120 consecutive Boeing 5Ks.  I keep getting slower but I am totally the AC Green or Cal Ripken, Jr. of the Boeing 5K (well, almost).

Since today is a holiday, Alan is available to participate and we run part of it together.  I don’t feel particularly great, so when I get overwhelmed in my breathing, I stop to regain breath control, and then go immediately back into my pace.

So, on the one hand, very disappointed to be walking, but on the other hand, running 27:24 (or sub-9:00 minute miles) AND walking is nothing to scoff at.


Carrollton Runners 5K/1M – 2017

December 31, 2017

Last races of the year in Carrollton, TX.  It is loads colder than yesterday, 26 degrees is what the car says AFTER the race.  It was pretty darned miserable.  Can’t catch your breath, and no one wants to hang outside and chat prior to the race.  Everyone is hanging in their cars waiting for the signal.

This event starts with a 1 mile race, decent warm-up, but you don’t want to ruin your 5K by going out too fast.

I start out at the back and work my way up to second place overall with a 7:55 mile.

About 10 minutes later (5 minutes after the last finisher in the miler because no one wants to wait), we start the 5K.  I struggled a little bit and couldn’t stay up with the main group around that 7:55 pace, though I did manage to hold off a 53 year old at the finish and run 26:30, which was also 2nd in my division this time.

Looking forward to returning to temperate California next week (next year).

Boeing 5K (10) – 2017

December 11, 2017

First real run since the Ridgecrest 50K 8 days ago.  Today is a special run because my friend Tim Hickok is being inducted into the Boeing Fun Run Hall of Fame today.  He does deserve it; he actually won the race once (I never did).  A lot of the inductees (myself included) have to do with longevity.  I was inducted several years ago, when I had over 100 runs (the highest total NOT in the HoF).  Today is my 114th CONSECUTIVE run (in a previous post, when I hit 100 consecutive, the record holder told me I should go for his record, which is 120 – I’m pretty close.).

The start was good, considering, but because of the drop in fitness, I slow to a walk on five (!) separate occasions, clocking a 12:45 outbound and 14:01 inbound, or 26:46, which is still a sub-9:00 pace (which is what I run these days).

Piedmont Turkey Trot 5K – 2017

November 23, 2017

Once again back to Piedmont for the Turkey Trot.  Course used to be the same as the Feet Meet which probably technically was my first 5K as a (non-running) youth.

They’ve changed the course in the past few years to make it a true 5K and also to eliminate the Hampton hill (like 10% grade for a short distance).  It is still a hilly course, though.

Last year, Mom did not participate because she had hives and exercise just made it worse.  Last week, Mom, Myrrh, and Dad were walking the course and Mom stepped on a low-to-the-ground palm frond with one foot, hooked her other foot under it and did a face-plant on the sidewalk, so guess she is not participating again this year, but Myrrh and Dad are walking the course behind me.

As before, the course starts along Highland past our old house and then down Highland to Wildwood, which is a quarter-mile steady uphill (not steep, but annoying).  I force myself to run this entire section (lungs burning) and come through Mile 1 in 7:50.

Now we turn up Crocker and a little more uphill, then do the (new) loop around Florada and back around to the St. James section.  I do walk the few hills here and do Mile 2 in 10:58.

Now it’s the long, steady climb up Seaview by all the huge houses.  I powerwalk as best I can and then as soon as I get to the top, run down the hill.  I give myself a small walk up the Craig hill (Mile 3 in 7:30), and then run the rest of the way to the finish in 26:56.

Since they are doing 10 year age groups (with 3,000 racers), I come in 46th in my division, but 307th overall (I like the number 307 for some reason).

After I recover a bit, I hike back to find Myrrh and Dad and walk in with them.  Surprisingly, there are 8 competitors in the 80-89 age group and Dad comes in 7th (though 2nd through 7th are within 3 minutes of each other).  The shame was had he come in 8th, he would have received a big bag of chocolates (courtesy of some “8” Chocolate sponsor).

We saw a few classmates, some of Riva’s friends (though Riva was not here), got our share of yogurts and Clif Bars (in Riva’s honor, though she would have come home with a case) and then went back to enjoy a nice Thanksgiving with my family.

Boeing 5K (9) – 2017

November 13, 2017

Feet are extremely sore, but I want to see if I can modestly run the race today.

Started out and ran mostly with Jim (who is in his 70s but still a great runner).

14:40 outbound and a wonderful tailwind on the return for 12:05 and net time of 26:45 (sub-9:00/mile is good these days, especially 2 days after a tough ultra).

Boeing 5K (8) – 2017

October 9, 2017

My last race was Boeing last month, so I have had a little time to recover from my 50 miler.

It is an interesting day, because there is a major fire about 25 miles away, and there is resultant ash and something weird going on with the tide.

For the first half, it is extremely windy and flakes of paper and ash are floating down, but it is pretty intermittent, not enough to have to cover my face with a Buff.

Then, when I get to the section under PCH, there is a considerable amount of water on the path… not flooded, but enough to splash when I go through.  You can sort of edge around it, but not worth it to veer onto the rocks to avoid splashing.  12:30 to the turnaround.

On the way back, less wind (so probably at my rear).  On the return trip, there is even more water and not a simple splash but enough to spill into my shoes and have wet feet the rest of the way.  Some of the outbound folks are trying to go around it, but as I said before, not worth it.

I finished in 24:34 but Kevin McKee came sprinting right by me at the end.  Partially, it was lack of motivation and partially, Kevin is a really good runner.  The non-Boeing boys finished 3, 4, and 5, so a pretty small crowd.

Afterwards, I ventured back down the course to find and usher Nelson in.  He had not “run” in several months due to age and an injury, so is taking it extra careful.  Usually, I meet up with him around the bridge after we get back onto 2nd Street, but he was well into the bike path and a bit banged up and wet.

He, like many others, made the ill-advised climb onto the (cement) rocks under the bridge to avoid the water, but Nelson took it a step further and lost his balance and fell into the water, landing rather hard on his side. (His car key was in his pocket and got so bent it wouldn’t fit into the ignition, but a Boeing engineer happened by with pliers and bent it back to an acceptable shape.)  Glad to have gotten you back safely.

Boeing 5K (7) – 2017

September 11, 2017

Ironically, 16 years ago today, I was working at Boeing in I.P. on a temp job and had no idea what transpired in NYC until I got to work.  I certainly wasn’t the Boeing 5K “Ironman” I am today.

Since I have just completed a 50 mile race this weekend, I am not in any particular shape to be competitive in a 5K… just to finish another one and keep my streak alive.

I brought a book with me, figuring there wouldn’t be anyone moving at my particular pace.  I managed 26:20 out and 24:00 back (tailwind).