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Boeing 5K (2) – 2019

March 10, 2019

Wasn’t sure if the Dave Fier timing was a sure thing or not, so I went ahead and ran early for the 5K to make sure.  My knees are still sore, but I ran pretty well, nearly negative splits (13:00 out, and 12:56 back).

When I got back, Dave Fier was there and said he would continue to come time us moving forward.  It’s a really generous move.

Boeing 5K (1) – 2019

February 11, 2019

Two days after my rainy ultra and one day after a snowy drive through the Grapevine, another Boeing 5K.  It’s a ponderous race today for me, both because I am by myself (didn’t hear from Dave Parsel) and because I am basically walking.  I finished in 47:57.

When I came back, Dave was there (sorry, I didn’t call, pal) and a guy was setting up a time clock and signing people in.  I know this guy, Dave Fier.  He says that moving forward he is planning to time the race for us.  People only need to enter in their information, and he will assign numbers in order and we’ll keep our number until he stops timing.  Dave Parsel is number one and I am number two.

Hopefully this works out, because I would rather run a 5K with people than run it and time it for everyone else.