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LASAA West Hollywood 10K – 2010

December 11, 2010

After a week of recovery from my DNF at Northface, I agreed to go and do the LA Sheriff’s Mug Run 10K in West Hollywood.  This is a no-brainer… even if I have to walk, because the course is totally worth it.  A bunch of us carpooled up, because it is a bit of a long haul to get there (not that near freeways, limited parking, etc.).

All of us were doing the 10K (even Ed, even Kathy) because the 5K course doesn’t do that much, but the 10K  runs along the most scenic part of Sunset Boulevard… with police escort.

The first couple of miles are fairly flat and through a neighborhood setting, then it turns to the left and begins heading up a relentless (though not in the ultra sense) consistent uphill to get to Sunset Boulevard.  Because I am not really recovered from the race (even though I didn’t finish, I did do 10 hours for 37 miles of trails), I opt to walk up the hills because I cannot get any speed running or breathe normally.

Sunset Boulevard itself is not particularly flat, but doesn’t really have any sort of hill until the very end of the race (I walk that, too.) and then you turn left to head back down the (relentless) hill to the finish.  While I am not really fond of steep downhills, this is such that you can just let gravity take its course, and I just take big loping steps down the hill, pass a couple of people and finish in 51:50 (not bad, considering).

After I regroup and cheer Ed in, I decide to hike back up the hill and find out where Kathy has gotten to (10Ks are not really her thing, but we convinced her to do THIS one).  She is coming up to the last uphill on Sunset, so I run/walk in with her to the finish.  I bet she REALLY likes the downhill (and she appreciate having some company for the last half-mile).

Everyone (except for me) manages at least 2nd place or better in their age divisions.  Kathy’s birthday was yesterday, so she is in a different age group than her (friend and) competitor Dulce for a fortnight or so.  That’s pretty cool.

After the awards (which are held once again at the gay bar The Abbey), they give out a bunch of raffle prizes.  They are always pretty good prizes, like tickets to NHL games AND parking.  I win a Mr. Coffee (ironic, because I don’t drink coffee, but I can give to my parents, whose coffee machine recently broke after many years).


Boeing 5K (10) – 2010

October 11, 2010

Here is another Boeing 5K that is only 2 days removed from an ultramarathon!  Also, I drove for 6 hours back to So. Cal. on Sunday and that doesn’t really help my sore calves and feet.

Ed Villalobos was able to do the course as court is closed for Columbus Day.  I thought we might do the course together, but I could not repeat my feat from last month where I racewalked the 5K in 32-odd minutes – I cannot even walk briskly.

My time is akin to my “best” times of college (in other words, near my personal worst (but it doesn’t matter)) – 48:09.

LASAA Compton 10K Mug Run – 2010

September 25, 2010

Ed Villalobos and I carpooled out to do the LA Sheriff’s Mug Run in Compton.  We also did this race last year, because there are not a lot of opportunities to run in Compton (and zero night runs, wonder why?).  I used to do the Compton Community College 5K and 10K with Finishline and we really ran through residential Compton.  So exciting!

This course is mostly the industrial area, basically paralleling the freeway for most of the distance.  For me, the most unusual aspect of this year’s race is that Ed is doing the 10K.  Usually, when there is an option between a 5K and 10K, he will take the 5K every time (with the exception of the West Hollywood run, because you get to run on Sunset Boulevard (and Ed finishes near the end with cute slower ladies)).  I’m not sure what prompted him to do the 10K, except that maybe the weather was more moderate and he wanted to give it a shot.

I feel pretty good today, though for the past few days I have had some stomach discomfort.  Maybe I ran faster in an effort to avoid some kind of blowout. 😉

I finished in 48:23, just under 8:00/mile pace and that earned me a 2nd place medal in my division.  Ed was probably in last place but WON his division.

Afterwards, we had breakfast at Johnny Reb’s on LB Boulevard (between Carson and Del Amo).  This is a place that I have spotted running by on 20 occasions (at least) and wondered about it.  Finally, I am inside.  The food is pretty good.

LB Poly Bun Run 3M – 2010

September 4, 2010

I got Kathy Massanet to come with me and do the Long Beach Poly High School Bun Run from the park in Bixby Knolls, along the river path.  Ed Villalobos and I did this race last year.  It’s another pre-season run… that is also a fundraiser for the HS cross country team.  It’s a pretty challenging run (though they do a separate adult race from the kids – yay!) mostly on wood chip trails (deep wood chips) usually with not a lot of shade.

As usual, it is $5 and that either includes a raffle ticket or breakfast.  (random)

I only got about 2 hours of sleep (not sure why I am up so late), but I ran rather decently.  There aren’t any substantial hills here and so that’s maybe why my time was over a minute better than the Sunrise in the Park 3M XC run a few weeks ago (22:41).

Afterwards, Kathy and I run into Ed Villalobos and he treats us to lunch at the Factory (a cool gastropub in Bixby Knolls where I know the owner).

MCJ LASAA 10K Mug Run – 2010

February 13, 2010

Ran one of my favorite LA Sheriff’s series races with Ed, Alison, Chris, and Dennis.  It starts at the downtown Men’s Central Jail (MCJ) and runs up and around Dodger Stadium.

My knee is still not feeling great, and I am planning on running a marathon on the upcoming Monday holiday, so I use ultra strategy and run the flats and walk the hills.

My finishing time is 49:09… and a not very good placement in my division (everyone else won a medal).

LASAA West Hollywood 10K Mug Run – 2009

November 21, 2009

Ed, Warren, Kurt, Kathy and I headed up to West Hollywood to run the LA Sheriff’s run.  This is one of the best runs because you get to run on Sunset Blvd., in traffic.

This is a challenging race, because you are on gradual uphills to get up to Sunset.  On the other hand, it is a nice finish, because you descend rather rapidly from Sunset to the end of the race – ALL downhill to the finish.  I utilized this downhill section to finish in 47:25 (even though I was on pace to be over 8:00/mile).

Even though Ed doesn’t run a lot of 10Ks, Ed did this 10K, because the course is so fabulous, and when will you have an opportunity to run on Sunset? (well, on the street, at least)  Plus, the advantage with the LASAA races is that they stay with the slower runners until they finish… so Ed was accompanied by 2 slower lady runners and a black-and-white.

All 5 of us got medals (yay!) which were presented at the Abbey (gay bar).  There wasn’t a lot of action going on, but they had a lot of video ads streaming by on the wall (usually not a lot of “action” on a Saturday morning).  We also got breakfast (scrambled eggs, toast, fruit and orange juice), and Ed even got a glass of wine.

After the medal presentations, they did a drawing for prizes.  We didn’t win anything, but they gave away some really nice prizes (including tickets to a LA Kings Hockey game).

LASAA Compton 10K Mug Run – 2009

November 7, 2009

Decided to try this inaugural LA Sheriff’s Mug Run, from the Blue Line Station parking lot in Compton.  Compton’s not such a bad place, if you run in the right areas.

The run goes around the attached shopping area (around the block, if you will) and then exits (UP) out of the parking lot.


From the parking lot exit, you basically run along the freeway frontage road next to several industrial business centers.  The street is pockmarked and uneven (not pot-holey, but awkward).

We basically head out for nearly 3 miles and then run back (at least there is a downhill drop back into the parking lot).

More excitement through Compton

More excitement through Compton

I didn’t feel particularly well, but my time of 46:58 is 3-1/2 minutes better than my LA Cancer Challenge time.  I end up getting 6th in my division, and I think I was probably 5 minutes behind placing and 3-4 minutes ahead of 7th place.  This sort of craziness (HUGE gaps between age group finishers) happens in older age groups and smaller races.

Kurt, Ed, Kathy Massanet, and the Millers (all of my AREC friends at the race) do all get a medal, though.  An interesting U-turn from the usual result.