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Summer Nights 5K (2) – 2016

July 21, 2016

Weather has been in the 80s in the evenings and humid (for S. California).  There is a larger crowd today at Summer Nights, probably because the high schoolers either have started Cross Country training or are not out of town for 4th of July weekend.

I don’t mind running with a lot of teenagers, though it makes you feel somewhat slow because most of them have endless energy and also have trained to go hard for 3+ miles (whereas I can do decently fast for 3+ miles but can go consistently (or at least, ponderously) for 31+ miles).

I held my own for the first mile or so (that’s never a problem), clocking in at 7:35, but then I mixed in some walking.  This is when I got passed by Kevin McKee (who said, “Lookin’ good!” – Love the enthusiasm; I try to do that, too, but I don’t think I was ‘lookin’ good.’).

I tried to make sure I stayed ahead of the speedy AREC ladies and I did that, even though my 2nd mile was 9:41 and my third mile (1.1) was 10:18 (probably around 9:41 for the mile).

With my fast early mile, I was able to keep my overall pace under 9:00/mile and finish in 27:44 (5th in the 45-49 age group – the winner of which also went to Piedmont High School, Class of 1989, Drew Sells).

After I chugged a half liter of water, I doubled back to find Kathy Massanet (about a half-mile back) and walk-jogged in with her.


LASAA West Hollywood 10K – 2010

December 11, 2010

After a week of recovery from my DNF at Northface, I agreed to go and do the LA Sheriff’s Mug Run 10K in West Hollywood.  This is a no-brainer… even if I have to walk, because the course is totally worth it.  A bunch of us carpooled up, because it is a bit of a long haul to get there (not that near freeways, limited parking, etc.).

All of us were doing the 10K (even Ed, even Kathy) because the 5K course doesn’t do that much, but the 10K  runs along the most scenic part of Sunset Boulevard… with police escort.

The first couple of miles are fairly flat and through a neighborhood setting, then it turns to the left and begins heading up a relentless (though not in the ultra sense) consistent uphill to get to Sunset Boulevard.  Because I am not really recovered from the race (even though I didn’t finish, I did do 10 hours for 37 miles of trails), I opt to walk up the hills because I cannot get any speed running or breathe normally.

Sunset Boulevard itself is not particularly flat, but doesn’t really have any sort of hill until the very end of the race (I walk that, too.) and then you turn left to head back down the (relentless) hill to the finish.  While I am not really fond of steep downhills, this is such that you can just let gravity take its course, and I just take big loping steps down the hill, pass a couple of people and finish in 51:50 (not bad, considering).

After I regroup and cheer Ed in, I decide to hike back up the hill and find out where Kathy has gotten to (10Ks are not really her thing, but we convinced her to do THIS one).  She is coming up to the last uphill on Sunset, so I run/walk in with her to the finish.  I bet she REALLY likes the downhill (and she appreciate having some company for the last half-mile).

Everyone (except for me) manages at least 2nd place or better in their age divisions.  Kathy’s birthday was yesterday, so she is in a different age group than her (friend and) competitor Dulce for a fortnight or so.  That’s pretty cool.

After the awards (which are held once again at the gay bar The Abbey), they give out a bunch of raffle prizes.  They are always pretty good prizes, like tickets to NHL games AND parking.  I win a Mr. Coffee (ironic, because I don’t drink coffee, but I can give to my parents, whose coffee machine recently broke after many years).

LB Poly Bun Run 3M – 2010

September 4, 2010

I got Kathy Massanet to come with me and do the Long Beach Poly High School Bun Run from the park in Bixby Knolls, along the river path.  Ed Villalobos and I did this race last year.  It’s another pre-season run… that is also a fundraiser for the HS cross country team.  It’s a pretty challenging run (though they do a separate adult race from the kids – yay!) mostly on wood chip trails (deep wood chips) usually with not a lot of shade.

As usual, it is $5 and that either includes a raffle ticket or breakfast.  (random)

I only got about 2 hours of sleep (not sure why I am up so late), but I ran rather decently.  There aren’t any substantial hills here and so that’s maybe why my time was over a minute better than the Sunrise in the Park 3M XC run a few weeks ago (22:41).

Afterwards, Kathy and I run into Ed Villalobos and he treats us to lunch at the Factory (a cool gastropub in Bixby Knolls where I know the owner).

Sunrise in the Park 3.0M – 2010

August 21, 2010

Another iteration of the Sunset in the Park course.  It’s definitely tailored to high school students as a sort of pre-season Nike training challenge.

The temperature is on the high side today and I struggled a little bit.  Kathy Massanet and Kurt Hesse joined me in this event (even though they don’t really give out any age group prizes).  This is also Kurt’s first race in my age group and his NEW age group… so of course, they misspell his name as “KURK.”

KURK is running well today and I do what I can to stay ahead of him (though I’m certain that if we had been in high school together, he would have kicked my butt).  I struggle on the hills (as usual) and finish in 23:50 (phew… under 8:00/mile pace).  Kurt finishes a couple minutes back and based on our competitive group, we were 8th and 9th fastest.

LASAA Compton 10K Mug Run – 2009

November 7, 2009

Decided to try this inaugural LA Sheriff’s Mug Run, from the Blue Line Station parking lot in Compton.  Compton’s not such a bad place, if you run in the right areas.

The run goes around the attached shopping area (around the block, if you will) and then exits (UP) out of the parking lot.


From the parking lot exit, you basically run along the freeway frontage road next to several industrial business centers.  The street is pockmarked and uneven (not pot-holey, but awkward).

We basically head out for nearly 3 miles and then run back (at least there is a downhill drop back into the parking lot).

More excitement through Compton

More excitement through Compton

I didn’t feel particularly well, but my time of 46:58 is 3-1/2 minutes better than my LA Cancer Challenge time.  I end up getting 6th in my division, and I think I was probably 5 minutes behind placing and 3-4 minutes ahead of 7th place.  This sort of craziness (HUGE gaps between age group finishers) happens in older age groups and smaller races.

Kurt, Ed, Kathy Massanet, and the Millers (all of my AREC friends at the race) do all get a medal, though.  An interesting U-turn from the usual result.

Boeing 5K (6) – 2009

June 7, 2009

Had a bit of a bad recovery from the Blue Canyon Trail Race.  On Sunday, I hardly slept because my back hurt pretty badly (and my feet, too).  On Monday, I slept in and slept most of the day… except to continue my streak at the Boeing 5K.

As usual, my streaks include a lot of power walking, walking, and slogging (I HAVE run most of the races, but it’s not worthwhile to injure yourself further when you are recovering from a tough event).

I ended up walking with Kathy Massanet (full disclosure… she did run some of it, but I used my massive stride to stay up with her when she did run).  We finished tied for 2nd to last with 45:26.  At least we maintained sub-15:00/mile (which isn’t always possible at an ultra).