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LASAA La Mirada Mug Run 10K – 2011

October 22, 2011

I convinced a bunch of my AREC friends to come out to La Mirada and run the Norwalk (nearby) Station Mug Run.  I felt like my run was mostly a disaster, but at least I wasn’t pushing a stroller, whose wheels flew off in the first 200 yards… Warren grabbed Kurt’s bib and helped it along to a finishing time in the 5K!

The La Mirada course is a tad hilly, almost from the get-go.  I was feeling slightly off, both lung- and leg-wise.  Whenever I felt off (most of the race), I walked.  In terms of time, I was more than satisfied with 53:07… not medal-worthy, but good, given the circumstances.


LASAA MCJ 10K – 2011

February 19, 2011

Decided to do one of my favorite 10Ks… the Men’s Central Jail (MCJ) 10K with the Sheriff’s Athletic Association series.

This run has gotten rather large in the past few years.  Time was, there would only be 3 dozen of us and the top 10 would each get their own black-and-white to accompany them on the course (not quite, but I have had a cruiser block traffic for only me at this race).

My fitness does not seem quite up to snuff and so I walked all of the hills.  My feet are definitely still tender.  I am satisfied, however, with my time of 52:30… which was 19th in my age group (I think EVERYONE is M35-39!).

LASAA Lennox Mug Run 10K – 2011

January 22, 2011

Now I am just 2 weeks out from my 100-miler.  Little things keep coming up that make me wonder if I can finish.

Last week, I was walking up some stairs to a friend’s car, and my back tweaked.  I am having trouble sleeping, and have spent several nights sleeping in a sleeping bag on my floor, because at least, it keeps my back flat.

Two days ago, I was getting something in the kitchen, and I rammed my knee into the drawer.  It hurt quite a bit, and I am worried I may have damaged it… and meanwhile, my knees have been a bit tweaky, anyway.

As it was before running my first marathon back in 1996, I have decided to run a 10K a couple of weeks before my event as a test of how I am doing.  Realistically, I don’t need to run a time that is near my best; I just need to feel OK and run decently.  (Obviously, I am expecting to “run” 15 minute miles AT THE FASTEST, and I am not doing that in this race.)

I didn’t feel that great, but I persevered.  My throat also felt off, so I stopped a few times to walk, and I finished in 49:46.  And yes, I can stop a couple times to walk and still run around 8:00/mile.  It just means I have to run a little faster when I am not walking.

LASAA West Hollywood 10K – 2010

December 11, 2010

After a week of recovery from my DNF at Northface, I agreed to go and do the LA Sheriff’s Mug Run 10K in West Hollywood.  This is a no-brainer… even if I have to walk, because the course is totally worth it.  A bunch of us carpooled up, because it is a bit of a long haul to get there (not that near freeways, limited parking, etc.).

All of us were doing the 10K (even Ed, even Kathy) because the 5K course doesn’t do that much, but the 10K  runs along the most scenic part of Sunset Boulevard… with police escort.

The first couple of miles are fairly flat and through a neighborhood setting, then it turns to the left and begins heading up a relentless (though not in the ultra sense) consistent uphill to get to Sunset Boulevard.  Because I am not really recovered from the race (even though I didn’t finish, I did do 10 hours for 37 miles of trails), I opt to walk up the hills because I cannot get any speed running or breathe normally.

Sunset Boulevard itself is not particularly flat, but doesn’t really have any sort of hill until the very end of the race (I walk that, too.) and then you turn left to head back down the (relentless) hill to the finish.  While I am not really fond of steep downhills, this is such that you can just let gravity take its course, and I just take big loping steps down the hill, pass a couple of people and finish in 51:50 (not bad, considering).

After I regroup and cheer Ed in, I decide to hike back up the hill and find out where Kathy has gotten to (10Ks are not really her thing, but we convinced her to do THIS one).  She is coming up to the last uphill on Sunset, so I run/walk in with her to the finish.  I bet she REALLY likes the downhill (and she appreciate having some company for the last half-mile).

Everyone (except for me) manages at least 2nd place or better in their age divisions.  Kathy’s birthday was yesterday, so she is in a different age group than her (friend and) competitor Dulce for a fortnight or so.  That’s pretty cool.

After the awards (which are held once again at the gay bar The Abbey), they give out a bunch of raffle prizes.  They are always pretty good prizes, like tickets to NHL games AND parking.  I win a Mr. Coffee (ironic, because I don’t drink coffee, but I can give to my parents, whose coffee machine recently broke after many years).

MCJ LASAA 10K Mug Run – 2010

February 13, 2010

Ran one of my favorite LA Sheriff’s series races with Ed, Alison, Chris, and Dennis.  It starts at the downtown Men’s Central Jail (MCJ) and runs up and around Dodger Stadium.

My knee is still not feeling great, and I am planning on running a marathon on the upcoming Monday holiday, so I use ultra strategy and run the flats and walk the hills.

My finishing time is 49:09… and a not very good placement in my division (everyone else won a medal).

East LA LASAA 10K Mug Run – 2010

January 30, 2010

Kurt and I decided to go out and do the East Los Angeles LA Sheriff’s 10K, a race I have done several times before.

It starts (and finishes) at the Citadel Factory Stores (which has a large parking lot).  For the first time in many LASAA runs, there were LOADS of people, all trying to register race morning.  Since the runs are all hand-timed and the registration is all hand-recorded, registering 100 people was slow going and prevented the race from starting on time by nearly an hour.

The course is all concrete roads around the area – boring.  My knees hurt quite a bit and my right knee is especially feeling tweaky.

In a normal LASAA race, if I were to run sub-8:00 miles, then I would be about 25th overall and top 10 in my age division.  However, today, with a time of 47:44, I finish in 95th place and 17th in my division.  Crazy.

Homicide LASAA Mug Run 10K – 2003

January 4, 2003

Ed and I decided to try a Sheriff’s Mug Run again (previously, I did the Men’s Central Jail (around Dodger Stadium) and the Pico Rivera (San Gabriel River Trail)).  This series starts around October and runs through April.  More than anything else, the series is to encourage members of the LA Sheriff’s Athletic Association (LASAA) to compete in races to find and prepare members of the Baker to Vegas Relay (a big event only for law enforcement teams).  Most of the main Sheriff’s stations have the opportunity to host a 10K run during the season, though some areas may not have the best location to put on such a race.

The Homicide Station (no, not in “Homicide, CA”) is located in the City of Commerce.  The name indicates how you might imagine the city to be – a lot of businesses, not a whole lot of view.  The entire run is a loop around the neighborhood, and totally flat.  I guess what makes it exciting is that the streets are pretty worn, so it is an obstacle course of sorts.

I like running a race where I don’t have to look down to secure my footing.  The races where this works best are, of course, track races, but those tend to be pretty boring.  Most street races, I can at least look ahead to see if there is something coming up.  On a trail race, I am staring at my feet to avoid tripping.  Most of THIS race, I am staring at my feet to avoid tripping.

Since this is the first race of the year, and my first race in 2 weeks, I am a little out of sorts (especially given that I averaged a race every 9 days last year).  However, I did save enough in the tank for an end-kick and finished in 44:19.  I got third in my division and Ed got first.  This is significant for Ed, because the top age group at these events is 55+, probably because there are not a lot of working deputies over 55.

The race is still a little disorganized.  They don’t post results anywhere, it often takes them a while to process the results, and they don’t draw a huge crowd.  On the one hand, I like the smaller races, but on the other hand, everyone likes a nice competition.