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New Year’s Eve (ABW) 5K – 2016

December 31, 2016

Got back a couple of days ago from Christmas in Costa Rica with the family.  Didn’t really do any runs at all, but did walk quite a bit.

For the first time in a while, I am in Southern California for New Year’s, so I decided to walk down and visit Mark and Michelle and some other folks that are running a NYE run today.

It was a bit windy and I am not back yet to normal (though Avalon 50M looms).  My three miles are 8:45, 9:53 (1.1), and 7:36.  This is still good enough to win my age group, but I think the fast guys are not running the 5K race today.


Spooky Dash 5K (ABW) – 2016

October 29, 2016

Decided to walk down to visit with Mark and Michelle (A Better World Running) who were putting on a 5K/10K on the beach bike path.  I tried to time it so that I arrived after the start of the races, but ended up arriving probably 10 minutes before the start of the races.  Michelle asked if I wanted to run, and since it’s been 2 weeks since Twin Peaks, I feel like I can test to see where I am at in recovery/restart.

The race is just a straight out-and-back on the Long Beach bike path, and with many of their races (especially the bigger ones), you need to go out hard, otherwise you get stuck in the pack and not able to run the pace you want.

I tried not to go out too hard, however, and managed a respectable 13:00 outbound.  Hard to tell if I am in the top group because there are people turning around who could be in the 5K or the 10K or 100 miler.

Coming back, I tried to do equally as well, though it did feel a lot harder coming back, for some reason.  Maybe because it’s the first “sprint” race since my ultra.  12:50 on the return trip for a net time of 25:50.  Not too bad.

Stars and Stripes 5K – 2016

July 3, 2016

Decided I would walk down to visit Mark and Michelle, because they were putting on a holiday weekend series of races.  I also wanted to try out my GPS watch that Doug Atkin had refurbished, then given to me.

It was kind of fun to see minute changes in pace as I sped up or slowed down, or came to a stop.

Mark told me that I should run to the turnaround with Michelle and then he would give me credit for a 5K race (since there were still people out there).  When Michelle stopped for a powder room break, I decided that I would (race) walk until Michelle caught up to me (which never happened).

I felt pretty good (racewalk-wise) and maintained a consistent pace the whole way.  I was probably the fastest racewalker, except that they didn’t have that category.  I finished in 36:10, which is one of my better walking 5Ks.

I helped them clean up and then walked back home to rest before tomorrow’s race.

Beach Blast 50M – 2011

October 2, 2011

So… after the fiasco of not getting a timely time posting for Rio del Lago, Mark (Vishnevsky) and Michelle (Genin) decided to host a few local races in Long Beach for reasonable prices and no swag (who needs swag?).

On October 1, they held the Beach Blast 5K.  I helped time it.  There were probably a dozen folks and they seemed happy with how everything went (considering it was a first-time event).  On Sunday (the 2nd), the inaugural Beach Blast 50K and 50M would take place.

I convinced my friend, Arin Kritzmire to do the 50K (I think she had done one other 50K and a marathon), and then Mark was going to do the 50M and one other person was doing the 50K, but starting late, whereas Arin and I were going to start EARLY, just in case it was hot.

The course was all streets (bad idea).  The first loop was from Mark’s apartment off of Ocean, down Ocean to the end of the peninsula and back (about 1.7 miles).  We covered that in 36 minutes… so pretty slow.

The second loop was from Mark’s place, down the beach bike path, through Shoreline Village, over the Queensway Bridge, down to the Queen Mary (give or take) and back – about 12 miles.  I was slowed additionally because I was drawing chalk arrows at intersections.  That section took us 2-1/2 hours.

The third loop was another circuit of the peninsula, again in about 45 minutes.  My feet were already starting to hurt from the pavement pounding, but Arin stuck it out with me, because I think she just wanted to finish.

The final “loop” was from Mark’s place to a little past Jack-in-the-Box in Newport Beach and back – a psycho loop, because it is so-o long.

The plan was for Michelle to meet us at Jack-in-the-Box on Warner (Sunset/Huntington border) for an Aid Station.  This was also the turn-around for the 50K, and where I would take my leave of the friendly, pretty and good conversationalist Arin.  The 8.2 miles took nearly 2 hours, so basically we were just walking.

When we arrived, Michelle informed me that Mark was not going to do the 50M, because it hurt.  That’s what I had been thinking also, but I had gotten it into my head that I had an opportunity this year to complete (at least) 2 races each of 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon, 50K, 50M, 100K and 100M… and I still needed a 50M (and 100M) to complete the collection… so I would continue.

I bid my farewell to Arin, and informed Michelle that I would call her when I was about 2 miles out from this same location so that she could help me refuel, but not have to sit around all day waiting for me to arrive.

The section from Warner to the far end turnaround was a tough go, because my feet would get more and more sore as I progressed.  By the time I got off the beach path and onto the sidewalk, I kept seeking out bus benches and other places to sit, just to get off my feet for a time.  The far-end turnaround was 9.5 miles and it took me 2:30 (a little faster than just walking)… but on the way back, it took me 3:40!

The amount of sitting and resting increased quite a bit, and I did walk on the sand and on grass whenever it was available.

The final stretch was a little under 7.5 miles and it was getting dark.  I was getting a bit chafed as well, and I’m sure that Mark and Michelle were a bit impatient waiting for me… but I crossed the finish line in 13 hours and 40 minutes (not my worst 50 miler, either).  Since Mark dropped down, I ended up being the winner and the only finisher of this event.  Also, because the course was so spread out (and to my thinking, horrific), I will continue to be the record holder, unless they (stupidly) decide to bring back this particular course.

As a postscript, I created a laminated race number for myself (#1E) and I also wore a laminated message on my front and back that read:

“Running 50 miles…”

“.,.. for Stupidity.”

Just after finishing the Beach Blast 50M

Just after finishing the Beach Blast 50M