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Boeing 5K (8) – 2017

October 9, 2017

My last race was Boeing last month, so I have had a little time to recover from my 50 miler.

It is an interesting day, because there is a major fire about 25 miles away, and there is resultant ash and something weird going on with the tide.

For the first half, it is extremely windy and flakes of paper and ash are floating down, but it is pretty intermittent, not enough to have to cover my face with a Buff.

Then, when I get to the section under PCH, there is a considerable amount of water on the path… not flooded, but enough to splash when I go through.  You can sort of edge around it, but not worth it to veer onto the rocks to avoid splashing.  12:30 to the turnaround.

On the way back, less wind (so probably at my rear).  On the return trip, there is even more water and not a simple splash but enough to spill into my shoes and have wet feet the rest of the way.  Some of the outbound folks are trying to go around it, but as I said before, not worth it.

I finished in 24:34 but Kevin McKee came sprinting right by me at the end.  Partially, it was lack of motivation and partially, Kevin is a really good runner.  The non-Boeing boys finished 3, 4, and 5, so a pretty small crowd.

Afterwards, I ventured back down the course to find and usher Nelson in.  He had not “run” in several months due to age and an injury, so is taking it extra careful.  Usually, I meet up with him around the bridge after we get back onto 2nd Street, but he was well into the bike path and a bit banged up and wet.

He, like many others, made the ill-advised climb onto the (cement) rocks under the bridge to avoid the water, but Nelson took it a step further and lost his balance and fell into the water, landing rather hard on his side. (His car key was in his pocket and got so bent it wouldn’t fit into the ignition, but a Boeing engineer happened by with pliers and bent it back to an acceptable shape.)  Glad to have gotten you back safely.


Boeing 5K (9) – 2016

September 12, 2016

My 100th CONSECUTIVE Boeing 5K!  That’s crazy.  I still hold the third longest streak behind Nelson’s 101, and Peter Lew’s 120.  As long as there isn’t some rain delay or whatever, I will go as long as I am standing.

First mile was the fastest at 7:43, but just after the turnaround, I didn’t feel as good, so I walked a bit (but I can usually ramp up quickly) and managed mile 2 in 8:57, and then finished up in 8:05, for a net time of 24:35, which is precisely my exact time for my last race (albeit 3 miles instead of 3.1).

Boeing 5K (6) – 2016

June 13, 2016

Today is another recovery 5K after an ultra.  In case you are new to these posts, I am currently in the middle of a streak with these runs.  The runs are held once a month on the second Monday of the month at 11:50am.  If there is rain, the run is postponed for a week.  If there is rain the following week, it can get cancelled (or postponed to the following month).

I previously had a streak of 57 consecutive runs.  This was roughly six years (because there was a year where 3/4 of the runs were cancelled due to construction).  I was able to maintain that streak even through getting called to Jury Duty because I ended up with an extended lunch.

On my current streak, I was able to continue despite being released from the hospital a few hours earlier, as well as a few times where I was not going to be in town, but it rained and postponed the event.

There are two people who (currently) have longer streaks than I have – Peter Lew, with 120 consecutive runs (10 years!) and Nelson Slagle with 101 consecutive runs.  If all goes well, I should reach 100 consecutive 5Ks in September of this year (pretty much 8+ years).  Peter thinks I can reach his record, but it really depends upon what my life has in store in the next couple of years.

So, today, even though I am going to fully walk the course (and not really be competitive), I will continue my streak.  For the record, it took me 23 minutes to halfway and 19 minutes coming back.  SLOW.

Boeing 5K (9) – 2011

September 12, 2011

After a long day in the car returning from the Rio del Lago 100K, I had to continue my Boeing 5K streak one day later… on Monday.

I did not feel great… not one iota.  I ended up basically limping through the event with race coordinator Nelson Slagle, in a PW time of 54:55.