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Boeing 5K (6) – 2017

July 10, 2017

This is turning out to be a hot summer.

Spent part of my weekend volunteering at the Mt. Disappointment 50K.  Alan Sheppard was running it so I carpooled with him and had him drop me off at the base of Josephine.  I ended up caravan-ing up to the Josephine Aid Station and working there.  Met some really great people including the Aid Station captain, Deb Jorgensen (IT professional with the Dodgers) who really had a good set-up – ice, ice crushers, fake grass, lots of chairs, avocado, potato, pickle juice – really anything anyone could want.

When Alan came through, he looked like death warmed over (later, said he wanted to quit, but our good attitude got him through).  Not sure how hot it was at that point, but when Alan dropped me off at 5:30am, it was 85 degrees out!

After the last person went through, we just had to wait for word of the sweep getting into radio range to Red Box Aid Station.  We waited for a really long time and even the Search and Rescue people abandoned us.  Apparently the sweep got into difficulty and it took him over 3 hours to do 8 miles!

When I finally was dropped at Mt. Wilson around 3:45pm, I was certain Alan had finished, but couldn’t find him anywhere.  Thought he might have left (oh, no!) but then I noticed his truck was still there (maybe he got a ride with someone else… no, wait, that doesn’t make sense – heat was getting to me).

See, I had asked when I got in whether his number had come in, and they had said, “Yes,” but I said the wrong number.  Oops.  He hadn’t come in yet.  He was still struggling up the last stretch of Westfork Trail (2,500′ gain in 5 miles), so I did get to see him finish (and be really pissed about his time).  We watched some other finishes and then it was time to head down.

I was so tired on Sunday that I literally slept for 10 hours… so that was the situation going into the 5K today.

12:48 going out and 12:24 coming back (and I even walked a little bit).  Just a tad over 8:00/mile pace.


Boeing 5K (5) – 2017

June 12, 2017

Yesterday I ran all around Chavez Ravine and tweaked my right knee a little bit, so today I am seeing if I should take it easier.

I ended up running fairly stiffly to favor my knee a bit and did a 12:10 outbound, and returned in 12:14.  (Total 24:24)

Even though I finished in sub-8:00 pace, my knee still feels a bit off.  Just need to nurse it a bit and not overdo things.

Boeing 5K (4) – 2017

May 8, 2017

So normally, I would not be running today, because I just did an ultra-marathon two days ago.  But I am going to try and run for two reasons… just want to see what I can manage with sore legs, and also to see if I broke my foot yesterday.

At the Wings for Life Run, we were dismantling kilometer signs and I dropped at least 4 bases on my feet.  I definitely cut my ankle and my knee with the edges of the base pieces and my foot hurt quite a bit (don’t think it’s broken, though).

I won’t be running much in the next week as I will be visiting my family in Texas for an extended Mother’s Day visit.

It’s pretty windy out so I just do what I can.

The first half is into the wind so I only manage 13:38 (a little under 9:00/mile), but the back is with the wind at my back, so it’s WAAAY faster – 11:03 – which pushes me into a net sub-8:00/mile pace.  Not too bad.

Boeing 5K (3) – 2017

April 10, 2017

Making some decisions this week on which ultramarathon to do next.  Wanted to run the Wild Wild West 50M last year (before I fractured my elbow), and thinking about doing the 50K this year.

Also getting ready to put on a hash on Thursday with Zack and Inger so I have had a little extra running this past week.

Definitely haven’t been sleeping well lately, mostly due to a sore stomach, some blockage, and some gained weight (don’t feel like I’m eating more, but have gained weight – think it might be reduced metabolism).

Had a decent first half in 12:24, but had to walk a bit on the way back (about 2 minutes) and finished in 26:16.

Boeing 5K (2) – 2017

March 13, 2017

Way Too Cool 50K was just over a week ago, so I haven’t run much in the interim.  My knees feel creaky today because yesterday at the hash I banged them trying to get out of a manhole cover.

Strangely though, I feel OK.  Ran 12:20 outbound (into the wind) and 11:59 coming back.  Pretty happy with that time (slightly faster than last month).

Boeing 5K (1) – 2017

February 13, 2017

No, that is not a typo.  The first Boeing 5K of the year is in February (and no, my consecutive streak did not end… yet).  Last month, the run should have been the Monday after Avalon 50M, but because of the rain, the race was canceled (often postponed, rarely canceled).

I haven’t slept well for the past few nights because the back-up battery for my internet access is going dead and I am awaiting receipt of the new battery, so… it beeps every 15 minutes (even muted through a pillow).  I guess I could just pull it out, but feel like I need the back-up just in case (I probably should have disconnected it, though.).

My left knee also feels a bit tweaky at the start, so I didn’t go out too hard, so I don’t hurt myself.  Usually, I feel a bit off for a couple of weeks post-50M, but I have felt particularly extra off even a month-plus after the fact.

Despite my gripes, I get to the turn-around in 12:02 (which is slightly sub-8:00/mile pace).

On the way back, I walked, briefly, a couple of times, but still managed to come in at 24:48 (8:00/mile on the nose).

Boeing 5K (12) – 2016

December 12, 2016

My last Boeing 5K of 2016 (another 18 months and I would tie the consecutive record).

My right calf feels really tight and I don’t want to push it.

I took it really easy and was 12:22 out, but on the way back the tailwind blew me to a negative split of almost a minute and I finished once again under 24:00 in 23:53.